I Just Want To Know Why People Thought These Incredibly Weird Things Were Totally Normal In The Early 2000s

    Honestly, maybe you just had to be there.

    1. Everyone's parents opening up their computer browser, seeing this, and just saying "looks good to me":

    2. Having a whole-ass desktop computer in your kitchen that the entire family used:

    3. A seemingly endless amount of pictures of SpongeBob looking like this:

    4. And like this:

    5. Going into the grocery store and seeing tubes upon tubes of Shrek GoGurt:

    6. Convincing people the iPhone was worth the money by showing them that one app where it looks like you're drinking a beer:

    a man drinking out of a fake beer app

    7. Every dad on the planet carrying around a little leather BDSM case for their flip-phone:

    8. That absolutely terrifying Honeycomb mascot being shoved in our faces:

    9. This particular type of floor being in every single fast food restaurant:

    10. Watching full-length movies that cost tens of millions of dollars to make on an iPod with a two-inch screen:

    11. Constantly quoting that one Bill O'Reilly video wherein he swears:

    12. Every single corporate logo looking like this:

    13. Everyone having these purses that pretty much immediately came apart:

    14. This commercial, which was basically a fever dream:

    15. A Shrek phone? A SHREK phone? A Shrek phone:

    16. Literally every single person on Earth thinking that talking baby in the E-Trade commercials was the funniest thing they had ever seen:

    17. Just throwing an incredibly random tie with every single outfit:

    18. U2 just being everywhere you looked:

    19. Constantly harassing everyone on Facebook with, like, 27 "LOST MY PHONE, NEED NUMBERS" groups:

    20. Everyone thinking Chuck Norris jokes were the be-all and end-all of comedy:

    21. Shrek Twinkies, complete with creamy green ogre filling:

    22. Phones having a truly unfathomable amount of little fake diamonds on them:

    23. The entire world being absolutely entranced by everything related to Diet Coke and Mentos for, like, two weeks:

    24. People having something like this as their MySpace profile picture:

    25. Signs that solely exist to stop people from wearing Heelys:

    26. Shrek Kid Cuisine that'll turn your tongue green:

    27. A Britney Spears protective case for a Nokia phone:

    28. The Crazy Frog in a flat-brimmed hat with a huge gangsta chain on:

    29. An American Idol PS2 game, for some reason:

    30. People wearing skate shoes big enough to house a family of four:

    31. A book about a dog with sunglasses saving the world from Y2K:

    32. Faking people out with your voicemail message:

    33. Shrek POPCORN:

    Twitter: @dinosaurdracula

    My goodness.

    34. These absolutely ridiculous fries:

    35. A Wii disc that lets you stream Netflix:

    36. A Britney Spears inflatable chair that promises you'll be "coolin' like Britney":

    37. Mutant green ketchup:

    38. The majority of the human race celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day:

    39. Shrek Rice Krispie Treats, held together with a mysterious green substance:

    40. Squeezable BUTTER?!?!?!?!

    41. Shrek...waffle sticks??? SHREK WAFFLE STICKS?!?!?!

    Twitter: @dinosaurdracula

    And, of course, green swamp goop!

    42. A lit'ral $120 Rugrats bowling ball:

    43. Waffles stuffed full of fruity GOOP:

    44. Shrek body wash, for anyone who has needed to smell like the infamously good-smelling Shrek:

    45. A 50 Cent Bulletproof-themed XBOX:

    46. A Mary-Kate and Ashley Game Boy Color game that was less of a game and more of a calendar:

    47. An electric toothbrush that only plays one song, an Ashley Tisdale song:

    48. A Warped Tour DVD for PSP:

    49. MULTIPLE video games featuring the Burger King King:

    50. And, finally, a SHREK CHIA PET: