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If You Were Stabbed By A Pencil And Still Have A Mark, YOU ARE NOT ALONE

You are not alone.

1. It happens way more often than you think.

Am I the only one that still has a mark from getting stabbed by a pencil in elementary

2. You're just minding your own business and BAM — you've got a tattoo for life.

Photo of a hand with a small pencil mark on the palm, captioned with a tweet about a childhood incident

3. You may forget it's there...

4. ...but you'll never forget HOW it got there:

@Los_Writer Happened during 3rd grade, walked to the nurse with the whole pencil still in 😭😭

5. You can find them on knees...

Close-up of a person's arm showing a bruise with a small dark mark, possibly a freckle or mole

6. On feet...

Close-up of a foot with a small dark spot on the toe, indicated by a red circle, related to a past pencil injury

7. On that weird area between your thumb and pointerfinger...

8. And on your DANG HEAD:

Close-up of a person's forehead with a visible mole

9. It doesn't matter if it happened decades ago, it's not going away.

Close-up of a person's knee with a small blue mark, captioned by the user recalling being stabbed with a pen in 8th grade

10. Do you have one of these graphite tattoos?

I got stabbed with a pencil by a kid in 2nd grade and it’s been in my hand ever since pic.twitter.com/6Fmv93HHME

— 𝘢𝘮𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘢 // ♡ (@babyboyseaveyy) January 9, 2019
Twitter: @babyboyseaveyy

11. Are you scarred for life?

12. It's time to embrace the graphite tattoo. EMBRACE THE PENCIL STAB.


@GenderCoping @unkilledwoman Jos Truitt. Stabbed me with my own pen when I was eleven.

14. There are others like us out there.

A close-up of a hand with a small puncture wound on the finger

15. Never forget that one time that kid stabbed you with a pencil in fourth grade.

16. Never forget that one time you were acting like a real horse's behind and accidentally poked yourself.

Person's knee with a small mark circled in pink, likely indicating a minor injury. A tweet overlay describes a stubbing incident

17. Embrace the dot.

I got stabbed by a pencil 12 years ago and the graphite is still there haha #firsttattoo


19. Wear it as a badge of honor.


okay weirdly specific but did anyone else get like stabbed w a pencil when they were younger and they still have that weird little lead spot????? pic.twitter.com/HImiIFHV3g

— breck-it-ralph (@shaqtus15) May 21, 2019
Twitter: @shaqtus15