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If You Were Stabbed By A Pencil And Still Have A Mark, YOU ARE NOT ALONE

You are not alone.

1. It happens way more often than you think.

Am I the only one that still has a mark from getting stabbed by a pencil in elementary

2. You're just minding your own business and BAM — you've got a tattoo for life.

Still have a pencil mark from where I got stabbed in 5th grade. Not how I envisioned my first tattoo.. #imasurvivor

3. You may forget it's there...

4. ...but you'll never forget HOW it got there:

@Los_Writer Happened during 3rd grade, walked to the nurse with the whole pencil still in 😭😭

5. You can find them on knees...

@Los_Writer My pencil was sticking out of my bag and somehow it stabbed my leg😬

6. On feet...

@Los_Writer happened when i was like 8, had a pencil on the floor that got stuck in the carpet at a weird angle and stabbed my toe!! i always figured it would go away by now but no 🤷‍♀️

7. On that weird area between your thumb and pointerfinger...

8. And on your DANG HEAD:

@Los_Writer Hello. I got frustrated while practicing single digit multiplication in 3rd grade and decided to slam my head on the table. However, I hit my pencil that was sticking point up. It’s still here 11 years later.

9. It doesn't matter if it happened decades ago, it's not going away.

I still have a blue spot on my knee from when @reseriction stabbed me with a pen in 8th grade

10. Do you have one of these graphite tattoos?

@Los_Writer Stabbed myself with a pencil on accident in 2nd grade. 22 years ago and it’s still there haha.

11. Are you scarred for life?

12. It's time to embrace the graphite tattoo. EMBRACE THE PENCIL STAB.


@GenderCoping @unkilledwoman Jos Truitt. Stabbed me with my own pen when I was eleven.

14. There are others like us out there.

15. Never forget that one time that kid stabbed you with a pencil in fourth grade.

16. Never forget that one time you were acting like a real horse's behind and accidentally poked yourself.

@Los_Writer @kalesalad middle school, stabbed myself w a sharpened pencil by moving my leg too close to my backpack on the floor 🤷‍♀️

17. Embrace the dot.

I got stabbed by a pencil 12 years ago and the graphite is still there haha #firsttattoo


19. Wear it as a badge of honor.


i stabbed myself with a pencil in 7th grade and the led went in my arm and it’s till stuck there . my legacy