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35 Extremely Specific Things From Their Childhood Millennials Definitely Forgot About

It's all comin' back.

1. That one ball:

2. That used-crayon smell:

3. The legend of the eraser:

4. Delicious star-shaped toothpaste:

5. Those weird-ass Disney mugs:

6. Those ol' crinkly insides of a VHS tape case:

7. Stick Stickly:

8. This commercial running every five minutes on Nickelodeon:

9. Medicine that tasted better than candy, honestly:

10. The green volume display on old TVs:

11. That one "berries and cream" commercial everyone quoted:

12. Those big cardboard blocks:

13. That absolutely terrifying Honeycomb mascot:

14. The original foil packaging Kit Kats came in:

15. The Handy Dandy Notebook from Blue's Clues:

16. Those lying fish shampoos that promised you "no tears":

17. Walking into Blockbuster and feeling the endless possibilities:

18. Randall, the biggest snitch in modern history:

19. Flipping through a million posters you never bought:

20. Those fake doll cherries:

21. All the slime on Figure It Out:

22. The ORIGINAL emojis:

23. Those big tubes of water that existed for some reason:

24. A little show called Prometheus and Bob:

25. Winning free sodas just by looking under the cap:

26. Those batteries that let you see how much juice was left after sacrificing your fingers:

27. The Gullah Gullah crew:

The only map you'd ever need:

28. Disney cups, the only cups worth drinking liquid from:

29. That slightly unnerving old Six Flags dancing man:

30. All the cartoons that had this (kinda funny) logo come up:

31. Those glittery sand lizards that just kind of showed up:

32. The ultimate game:

33. That one Campbell's soup commercial with the melting snowman:

34. Those cute lil' bug boxes:

35. Losing a tooth and putting it inside a treasure chest:

And this screen right before your VHS got to the main feature: