19 Extremely Wholesome Thoughts That Will Get You Through The Day

    There is seriously nothing purer.

    1. Dad advice:

    2. A shark's true purpose:

    3. The world's biggest sing-along:

    4. How pets exist:

    5. What a bee is really trying to do:

    Has a bee ever landed on you, and instead of getting scared, you appreciate the possibility that you got confused for a flower

    6. The most fun fact:

    7. The purest love:

    8. Some good ol' fashioned organ positivity:

    9. The best kind of time travel:

    10. That pawing feeling:

    11. Mystery dinner dates:

    12. Wholesome hauntedness:

    13. The perfect continuation:

    14. Alpaca names:

    15. True beauty:

    16. The best kind of lies:

    17. That sleeping feeling:

    18. Hun versus hon:

    19. And finally, a friendly reminder: