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    32 Pictures That Will Take You Back To When Life Was So Damn Simple

    So damn simple.

    1. Back when your biggest problem was figuring out what movie to watch:

    2. And turning dow the TV before you saw this:

    3. Back when your future was easy to predict:

    4. So, so easy:

    5. Back when the worst thing that could happen to your was stepping on one of these...or a LEGO:

    6. When you'd wait what seemed like hours just to find the perfect show:

    7. Or just so you could see this guy spring into action:

    8. Back when the most beautiful sight was an orange tape:

    9. Back when your diet consisted mainly of these:

    10. Complete with some super smelly hose water:

    11. Back when this was the worst thing you could see:

    12. And when you never had to worry about battery life:

    13. When a simple rhyme determined your fate:

    14. And some glue provided entertainment for hours:

    15. Back when a fan made you a professional singer:

    16. And these made you an artist:

    17. And some WordArt made you the BOSS:

    18. Back when all you had to worry about was some skipping:

    19. Or dropping this grenade:

    20. Or the health of your ankles:

    21. Back when the hardest part of your day was pushing all of these down at the same time:

    22. Or trying to grab as many of these as you could:

    23. Back when seeing this meant you were about to have the best day ever:

    24. Or seeing this meant you were in for a treat:

    25. And this... don't get me started on this:

    Not to mention hearing "HEADS DOWN, THUMBS UP!"

    26. Back when these toys were all you need in the world:

    27. And a fort was the perfect place to put them:

    28. Back when there was nothing better than kickin' back in some inflatable furniture:

    29. Putting on some witch fingers:

    30. Picking up one of these classics:

    31. And munching on a sweet, sweet Cosmic Brownie:

    32. But, hey, maybe it can be simple again:

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