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19 Pictures That Smell Just Like Your Childhood

Mmmmm... fresh Koosh.

1. The inside of one of your favorite movies:

2. Peeled glue:

3. A pile of crayons, aged to perfection:

4. Warm, plasticky water coming out of this:

5. The old, unidentifiable smell of bus seat:

6. Gum that lasted 30 seconds:

7. That pink smell:

8. The inside of this box of tricks:

9. Jelly scented goodness:

10. Dough:

11. Fresh Koosh:

12. This relic after 15 turns:

13. That chemical smell:

14. A handful of barely functioning erasers:

15. Green goop:

16. Every single one of these, but especially orange:

17. "No tears" lies:

18. That "cheese":

19. And one of these, right before it hit you in the face: