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28 Things People Under Age 14 Will Never Believe We Used To Have To Do

Basically ancient history.

1. Press seven numbers just to say hello:

2. Traverse the vast mounds of CD holders to find the perfect one:

3. Stuff your pockets full of technology:

4. Type WWW like some kind of crazy person:

5. Wait and wait just to see what was on TV:

6. Watch movies on TWO VHS tapes like a barbarian:

7. Wait days just to watch Netflix:

8. Print out directions and hang them up:

9. Muster all your strength to roll the window down:

10. Wait weeks to find out how that selfie came out:

11. Go through a lit'ral maze of files to find what you're looking for:

12. "Conserve" energy:

13. Press skip about 18 times to find the right song:

14. Wait a few millennia for a file to download:

15. Master the art of texting while your phone is in your pocket:

16. Put in a tape just to listen to your iPod:

17. Close your eyes and ears while rewinding:

18. Actually write on Facebook walls to have a conversation:

19. Wait 15 minutes for this to go away:

20. Get kicked off the internet every time someone picked up the phone:

21. Fear data:

22. Threaten people over VHS tapes:

23. Go to channel 3 just to watch a movie:

24. Pray the DJ stayed quiet:

25. Wait 'til 9pm to make a call:

26. Deal with no space every time you switched on your phone:

27. Wait all day to check Facebook:

28. Buy a lamp for your Game Boy:

And use a TV to actually watch TV: