32 Of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth An Absolute Fortune Now

At least on eBay. Better start digging through mom’s basement.

2. Your best Pokemon card:


3. A Jurassic Park toy:


4. Polly Pocket:


5. Gameboy Color:


6. These skates:


7. This castle:


8. Hit-Clips:


10. Super Soaker:


11. Easy Bake Oven:


12. Dear Diary:


13. Mario Kart 64:


14. Lego Pirate Ship:


15. Teddy Ruxpin:


16. Moon Shoes:


17. Hot Shot Basketball:


19. Power Rangers action figure:


21. Lite Brite:


23. Dream Phone:


26. Street Sharks:


27. A Nickelodeon alarm clock:


28. A can of Surge:


29. Sega Genesis:


30. Your Hot Wheels collection:


31. Your Ninja Turtles action figure:


32. Betty Spaghetty:


33. But hey, look on the bright side: Your Beanie Babies are still worthless.


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