I'm Dying Laughing At These Scammers Who Tried To Rip People Off And Got Totally And Completely Destroyed In The Process So Far In 2023

    These just fill my heart with joy.

    It feels like part of just being alive in 2023 is getting about 15 scammer or spam texts every single day. It can be enough to drive one absolutely bonkers. Join me, if you will, as we look at some people who absolutely dunked on some sorry scammers. Take for example...

    1. The person who was kind enough to sign a scammer up for a helpful new service:

    scammer gets signed up for a service called mallard facts and gets annoyed

    2. The person who was just trying to give a scammer a deal:

    person responds to a scammers ask for grand pianos and the scammer ignores it

    3. The person who reminded a scammer of the good times they had together:

    scammer asks if a person remembers them and they say yes you killed my dog

    4. The person who gave a scammer a little pro-tip:

    scammer tries to scam 20 people at once

    5. The person who took control of the scamming situation:

    person does the exact same scam on a scammer as they tried to pull

    6. The person who had to let a scammer know some unfortunate news:

    person tells a scammer they are going to be executed

    7. The person who let a scammer know they might want to doublecheck their scams:

    scammer spells shipment wrong and gets called out on it

    8. The person who just tried to reconnect with their old scamming friend:

    scammer gets mad at a person for pretending they live close to the scammer

    9. The person who asked a scammer some hard-hitting questions:

    person asks a scammer how many jellybeans do you think they can fit in their ear

    10. The person who asked a scammer a deeply personal question:

    person asks a scammer if they would like to commit arson with them

    11. The person who just let a scammer know their real thoughts:

    person calls a scammer dumb

    12. The person who just tried to get what a scammer owed them:

    person say a scammer owes them 6000 dollars

    13. The person who let a scammer know exactly what's up:

    scammer asks how are you and a person says i just passed away

    14. The person who went all Gandalf on a scammer:

    person says to look at dawn to the east and they will see them coming to help the scammer

    15. The person who made their terms explicitly clear to a scammer:

    scammer asks did you get cash and a person says get rid of the body and i will

    16. The person who employed 8th-grader tactics to great effect against a scammer:

    person says their name is seymour butts to a scammer

    17. The person who let a scammer know exactly where the money is going to go:

    person says they will just spend all their money on sandwiches if a scammer gives them money

    18. The person who wanted to let their scamming friend know the good news:

    person texts a scammer back after a long time and it bothers the scammer