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    I'm Absolutely Dying Laughing At These Scammers Who Tried To Rip People Off And Got Totally And Completely Destroyed In The Process So Far This Year

    There's nothing better than scammers getting what they deserve.

    It seems that part of being a human in 2023 is receiving about 10–15 scammer or spam texts daily. It can be enough to drive one up a wall and to the left. Come along with me as we look at some people who had the last laugh on some unfortunate scammers. For example...

    1. The person who had to let a scammer down easy:

    Scammer who texts about being someone's child, and the person responds that they aren't anymore because they left them at the adoption agency

    2. The person who had to break the unfortunate news about Cindy to a scammer:

    Scammer who asks about a person named Cindy, and a person makes up a story about Cindy getting injured by a fake nail

    3. The person who had one request for a scammer:

    A person who keeps asking another person to store 30 cases of pickles

    4. The person who met their mortal enemy:

    Scammer who texts someone about a business partner named Tom, and they text back they are their business enemy Tim

    5. The person who wanted one thing from a scammer and never got it:

    Person who asks a scammer for curry and gets mad when they don't get it

    6. The person sent a scammer exactly what they asked for:

    Scammer who asks for a 6-digit code and gets sent a cussword

    7. The person who wrote a new Mission Impossible script with an unknowing scammer:

    Person who is texted by a scammer and pretends that the scammer is a secret agent who is compromised

    8. The person who let a scammer know exactly how they do business:

    Person who says to a scammer they are an assassin who will not use WhatsApp but only carrier pigeons

    9. The person who sent a scammer a nice picture of themself:

    Person who tells a scammer their name is Thomas and sends a picture of the tank engine

    10. The person who gave a brutally honest update on their family to a scammer:

    Person who shares a funny update about their family to a scammer, saying they're "hoping the serum will help junior's leg grow back" and their wife is taking it hard and only eats Funyans

    11. The person who evoked the wrath of God from a scammer:

    Person who messes with a scammer and gets told "May God punish you"

    12. The person who had a scammer say the magic words:

    Person who makes a scammer say "his booty is juicy" before proceeding with a scam

    13. The person who requested the secret scammer code:

    Person who asks a scammer for a fun access code like the word "Snoopy"

    14. The person who hit a scammer with a scam of their own:

    Scammer who gets sent a scam text of their own about being charged for an iPhone 14

    15. The person who gave a very detailed strawberry update to a scammer:

    Scammer who asks about strawberries and gets sent a strange picture of someone eating strawberries with their tongue out

    16. The person who was kind enough to sign up a scammer for some helpful updates:

    Person who pretends to sign a scammer up for horoscope updates

    17. The person who had to remind a scammer of the unfortunate happenings in LA:

    Person who tells a scammer long time no see after the incident in LA, "especially after the police arrived"

    18. The person who realized that a scammer was sending miracle texts:

    Scammer who sends a text about losing their phone from a phone and gets called out

    19. And the person whose moneymaking math totally checks out:

    Person who uses very convoluted math to confuse a scammer asking for money