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    50 People Who Immediately Regretted Pretty Much Everything In Their Life That Led To This Moment

    Rough stuff, folks.

    If you had a bad year, just remember:

    1. The person who forgot it was paving day:

    2. The person who made the worst wrong number mistake of all time:

    3. This laundry doer:

    person who washed a dirty diaper / Via u/couldntdecidemyname

    4. This person about to have a very hairy soda:

    locks in a coca cola

    5. The person who lives next to the Nocturnal Mower:

    6. The person who can never get their haircut again:

    tweet about someone embarrassing themselves at the barber

    7. The proud owner of a brand-new, unique vehicle design:

    kids who ruined a car with rocks

    8. The person whose ring is juuuuust a little bit messed up:

    9. The person who is now the proud owner of the world's stickiest airpods:

    10. The person who didn't realize what day it was:

    text reading is the exam today today or tomorrow and someone says yesterday

    11. The people who now have to wait for their car to dry:

    12. This person who might have a slight problem here:

    bike bent in half

    13. The creator of the smoothie of mass destruction:

    juicer that exploded and stuck into the ceiling

    14. This person who will not be eating cake tonight:

    person who did not let their cake cook long enough and so it spilled everywhere

    15. This cookie-wanter:

    person who ate a coaster

    16. The person who made a molten pizza:

    17. The person whose kitchen will smell like garlic for all eternity:

    18. The person whose driveway now has a fun unique design:

    19. The person who was betrayed by technology:

    20. This poor, poor soul:

    upside down mug

    21. This homeowner:

    shattered shower

    22. The person who executed the very, very rare double pie drop:

    23. This person who just learned a lesson they will never forget:

    snow covering a living room / Via u/kajakan

    24. The person who got a nice l'il kiss from a bird while riding a bike:

    25. The people who are forever trapped in a hallway:

    26. The person who got betrayed by a single grain of rice:

    Laptop ruined by a single grain of rice

    27. The poor, poor chefs this happened to:

    28. The person who just found out their toddler learned how to use the microwave:

    29. The proud owner of a brand new lemon:

    person who put the wrong gas in their car and it broke down

    30. This adventurous chef:

    person mixing up vanilla extract and soy sauce while cooking rice

    31. The person who added a very special plasticky ingredient to their cookies:

    32. This person who is about to have a very difficult lunch:

    person who brought kitty litter to work instead of their lunch

    33. The person who took a big hair risk:

    34. The person who turned money into confetti:

    shredded money from a lawnmower

    35. Ol' cheesy laundry:

    person who washed a block of cheese

    36. The person who burned down their whole bathtub:

    37. The person whose kid got their ultimate revenge:

    kid steals a parent's phone and sends i fart when i get nervous to their neighbors

    38. This paint drinker:

    person who had two cups one coffee one for painting and they drank the paint / Via u/pm-me-fun-facts

    39. The person who will spend the rest of their life sorting through this:

    40. The person who got a fun little extra topping on their pizza:

    41. The person who cooked a pizza from hell:

    42. The person with a brand-new penny tattoo:

    person who got branded by a penny

    43. The person who apparently melted a smurf in their laundry room:

    44. The person who is probably now without job:

    45. The person who shared their tastes with the whole neighborhood:

    person who forgot to turn off bluetooth while watchiing porno and it blasted on their home speakers

    46. The person who made mac and cheese from hell:

    47. The person who just found out about their neighbor's new chandelier in the worst way possible:

    48. The person with the world's shortest shower head:

    49. The person who had to MacGyver a damn zipper:

    50. And the person who just received the worst update they could receive:

    tweet about a package falling into the ocean