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28 People Who Immediately Regretted Pretty Much Everything In Their Life That Led To This Moment In 2020

I'll take a do-over, please.

1. This daring chef:

eggs full of peppercorns because their shaker broke

2. The proud owner of this liquid kayak:

3. The world's best driver:

a far away picture of a two car crash during quarantine traffic

4. This calculating individual:

tweet reading me why did my alarm not go off my alarm and it's a picture of a calculator

5. This person with the stickiest hands around:

sign on a pump that says this is syrup not hand sanitizer

6. The person with a very special coffee ingredient:

bird shit inside a coffee cup

7. The owner of this new iPhone S(cratch):

iphone dragging by its cord outside a car

8. This greasy individual:

two similar looking jars one full of grease and the other applesauce and the person accidentally ate the applesauce

9. This master baker:

glasses baked into banana bread

10. These professional movers:

couch stuck in a door

11. The dad with the roasted computer:

computer next to a candle and there's a burn mark near the candle

12. These painters encountering a very chill scene:

picture of like 25 paint cans upturned in the middle of a road

13. This genius individual:

facebook post of broken plates in a washing machine that reads turns out you can't dry plates in the drier

14. The most awkward pairing in existence:

person who mixes up their project partner's name calling them joe when they are named eric

15. This person who learned just what the true meaning of "baking sheet" really is:

bread on top of a cutting board thats melting in the oven

16. These goopy gamers:

ps4 controllers hidden in an oven were accidentally left there and melted

17. The proud owner of one baby sock:

person who thought they had a mask for a store but it's a baby sock

18. This frontline soldier in the war against machines:

tweet reading Imagine getting home and finding out that your brand new Roomba picked up your dog’s shit and spread it around the house...

19. This lock destroyer:

person who tried to open a door but the whole lock came out

20. The parents of this cat living out their piss-laden ratatouille fantasies:

cat pissing in a rice pot

21. The driver of the world's most musical car:

harmonica in the engine of a car

22. This poor, unfortunate student:

two snapchats one reading shoutout to the sat for making me wake up at 5am and the next attention the sat was cancelled

23. This seemingly giant craftsperson:

person who ordered a giant drill bit off the internet by mistake

24. The inventor of Italian coffee:

person who accidentally put garlic granules into their coffee instead of sugar

25. This dad texter:

person who accidentally sexted their dad thinking it was their partner

26. This person who is the king of ruining dinner:

unplugged crockpot

27. This proud owner of one single bean:

person who got a coffee from a machine but unfortunately it's just a single bean

28. And Ol' Tiny Gloves:

person holding tiny shriveled gloves that reads accidentally put my leather gloves in the washing machine