Man, I Honestly Feel Sorry For These 19 People Who Had A Really, Really Bad Week

    Yup, that'll ruin your day pretty darn fast.

    1. The person with the whitest Jeep in town:

    2. The proud owner of a brand new unicycle:

    3. The person who gave their window a dang super saiyan kai blast:

    4. The person who had their The Sims-ass underwear exposed for all to see:

    5. The person who, 'fraid to say, might be the world's worst grower of watermelons:

    6. The person who's having their own personal Chicken Little moment inside their apartment:

    7. The person who will never eat a Night Baguette again:

    8. The person who apparently ordered their burger cooked well-gooped:

    9. The person whose eggs will now have a very unique texture:

    10. The person who almost fell into the Netherrealm in their rental:

    11. The person who uncovered this simply ludicrous amount of lint:

    12. The person who had the perfect soundtrack for this tragic moment:

    13. The person whose record miiiiiight be a bit askew:

    14. The person who lives and breathes with someone that drinks out of this:

    15. The person who lived the British nightmare:

    16. The person who I hope likes their eggs with a heaping mound of pepper on them:

    17. The person who got a little extra protein with their delicious chips:

    18. The person whose couch is basically like four planks thrown together:

    19. And the person whose friend just casually broke a million year old piece of amber:

    Hmm. Not great.