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If You Think You're Having A Bad Day, Just Look At These 23 Unfortunate People


If you're having a rough day, just remember...

1. At least your computer isn't part soup:

soup spilled on a computer

2. And at least it doesn't have permanent new iron shaped design:

iron outline on a laptop where it clearly fell:

3. And at least your stairs aren't the cat's new toilet:

stairs covered in cat litter

4. Hey, at least your kayak can still be classified as a solid:

melted kayak on the back of a truck

5. And at least your spatula didn't get brutally murdered:

tweet reading i almost burnt my house down with a melted spatula

6. And, hey, at least your oven isn't now 85% plastic:

tweet reading this is why i don't cook bruh my dumbass forgot plastic melts and there's a melted plastic tray

7. At least this didn't happen at your job:

8. And at least this didn't happen in your washing machine:

I accidentally put my leather gloves in the washing machine

9. And, hey, at least you didn't pull off a very rare "double lock":

snapchat reading upon arriving to help get my keys out of my car the AAA guy locked his keys in his car and had to call aaa

10. Look at the bright side: you're not eating coffee flavored ramen for lunch:

keurig with a coffee pod in it and a ramen noodles cup with brown water

11. And you're not wearing cheese flavored clothes:

washing machine with a block of cheese in it

12. And, hey, at least this isn't your lunch today:

tweet about a guy who cleaned his cat's litter box and accidentally brought that bag to work instead of the bag with his lunch

13. Hey, at least you still have your shower head:

tweet reading my housemate left he owes me 200k and he took the shower head

14. And at least your tooth brush and toilet bowl cleaner didn't switch bodies:

15. And, hey, look at the bright side: a bunch of pigeons don't have a personal vendetta against you:

pigeons pooping all over a bathroom

16. At least you haven't systematically destroyed a tire:

facebook post reading anyone know how to get a seized lugnut off with a destroyed tire

17. And at least you didn't get betrayed by a ladder:

18. And, hey, at least you didn't wake up at 5 AM this morning:

snapchat reading shoutout to the sat for making me wake up at 5 just so i can drive there on time and then it was canceled

19. At least you didn't confuse you with you:

tweet reading in my hungover state i went food shopping reached for a pack of sausages and someone reached at the same time so i stepped back and said sorry you go ahead and realized it was my own arm

20. And at least you didn't find out you sleepwalk in the most awkward way possible:

one note that says hey neighbor and another that says just wanted to let you know that last night you were outside yelling at your jeep in your underwear

21. And, hey, at least this didn't happen to you:

snapchat reading so i was watching porn and my phone connected to bluetooth and played at full volume in the center of my house

22. Look at the bright side: at least your headphones aren't traveling the world:

23. And at least you aren't eating controller for dinner:

two ps4 controllers on a tray that are melted

And, hey, when days seem rough, just remember: at least this didn't happen to you:

a person tries to send a picture of a thermometer to their boss but they accidentally send a pic that says here's a pic of a thermometer for anyone who needs an excuse to get out of work