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    50 People Who Got Roasted So Bad On The Internet They Honestly Should Just Delete Their Account

    Let's be honest: There's no coming back from that one.

    1. On pronouns:

    someone says their pronouns are you are a moron and gets roasted

    2. On water:

    person says you are the reason there are tutorials on how to drink water

    3. On dragons:

    person gets roasted for house the dragon shaming

    4. On pizza:

    someone gets called a pizza cutter because they are all edge and no joke

    5. On worms:

    someone says some people have worms in their brains and they are starving

    6. On rights:

    someone asks why someone supports gay rights if they are straight and they say i am not am armadillo and i support animal rights

    7. On pies:

    someone replies to moon pie and gets roasted because that is an absurd thing to do

    8. On eating out:

    person doesn't understand that reservations exist and gets roasted for it

    9. On reincarnation:

    person saying you are living proof that souls undergo reincarnation no one can be this stupid in one lifetime

    10. On bathrooms:

    someone says there should be a gender neutral bathroom for me and someone says there is it is a diaper

    11. On the ego:

    person saying you need oversized luggage for the size of your ego

    12. On room:

    person saying if you were in a room with einstein and stephen hawking youd lower the iq to 9

    13. On children:

    someone gets roasted about wanting to have kids

    14. On Morbius:

    person gets owned for saying. they like morbius

    15. On fact checking:

    someone roasted for getting mad theiir posts aare all getting fact checked and someone saays try posting the truth

    16. On ants:

    person says i hope an ant eats you

    17. On Paper Mario:

    person saying close your eyes and imagine yourself being a more likable person and the open them and weep

    18. On making money:

    someone gets roasted about turning one dollar into 100

    19. On rejection:

    person says someone they used to date rejected them for a mortgage so someone else said still no interest then

    20. On expenses:

    someone says being a girl is expensive and someone argues itis not and and they laay out how much many things cost

    21. On shoes:

    someone who says i hope your wife gives birth to a centipede so you spend the rest of your days buying shoes for it

    22. On desert islands:

    someone says if i was on a desert islaand with you and a tin of beef id eat you and talk to the beef

    23. On toothpaste:

    someone says you look like a doctor who doesn't reccommend toothpaste because you are a 1/10

    24. On competence:

    a person gets roasted for saying someone is bad at a job

    25. On Saw:

    someone sexting in a strange way and someone responds you sext like jigsaw

    26. On Scrabble:

    someone being told to eat a scrabble board and shiit out the letters becaause that will make more sense than what they are saying

    27. On dragons:

    person who says dragons aren't cool and someone says i will kick your ass so hard your vertebrae will pop out like a pez dispenser:

    28. On cursive:

    someone says if we force people to write in curisvee we could cripple a generation and someone responds i love how you talk shitt like it's not your fault

    29. On printing:

    someone gets roasted for comparring sex to printing

    30. On hard work:

    Person standing in a kitchen who says they bought their first home at age 18 is told to get out of Home Depot

    31. On pigs:

    person saying a pig's orgasm lasts 30 min and someone responds your wife is a lucky lady

    32. On kangaroos:

    person bringing up the bible and getting owned

    33. On utensils:

    persons girlfriend eats with their hands so someone responds do they walk in a cricle before sitting down

    34. On the miracle of life:

    someone says humans start as buttholes and never stop being one

    35. On houses:

    Person who just says people should just wait until houses are less expensive to buy one

    36. On bans:

    Person hoping for a marriage equality ban, and someone tells them "Even if you ban homosexuality, nobody is marrying you"

    37. On deodorant:

    Person tweets that it is deodorant season, so wear it, and someone says they're fairly sure every season is deodorant season

    38. On the South:

    Person who thinks the South didn't lose, it was invaded

    39. On linking:

    someone gets called a juiced orange

    40. On soups:

    person who lies and gets called a dense cabbage

    41. On diamonds:

    Person says a ring has never been worn but posts a photo of someone clearly wearing it

    42. On board games:

    A very badly misspelled post asking if anyone has any "bord games tgat they are no longer using," and someone says "I doubt scrabble is any use to you?"

    43. On clowns:

    person getting called a clown

    44. On testing:

    person who thinks a pregnancy test is a covid test

    45. On bedposts:

    someone who says i hope your bed posts are never the same length so you can't get a horizontal sleep

    46. On mirrors:

    text reading the worst part about kissing a perfect 10 is how cold the mirrrorr feels on my lips and someone responds on reflection that's 01

    47. On parents:

    person who asks for a favor from someone's parents and asks to have a handsome baby and the other person asks why and they say so i can avoid what they did

    48. On grandmas:

    someone who says i don't understand how i get taller and more handsome whenever i see my grandma and someone responds she shrinks and her eyes get worse

    49. On surgery:

    person getting called a toilet

    50. On brains:

    text reading if i put your brain in a bird it would fly backwards