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    32 Extremely Ignorant Americans Who Got Roasted Online So Bad They Just Gotta Delete Their Account

    Please report directly to the burn unit.

    1. Americans on Native Americans:

    person who thinks Native Americans aren't Americans

    2. On the Bible:

    person who says Jesus is American

    3. On restaurants:

    person trying to boycott a vaccine only restaurant even though they can't go in

    4. On the South:

    5. On Columbus:

    person who says they're celebrating columbus day and the other person says how will you observe by getting lost in the spice aisle

    6. On education:

    american who says they are numbebr one iin health care but they are actually number 7

    7. On history:

    american say go back to your country to a native american

    8. On freedom:

    person who says america is the only free country

    9. On protesting:

    person who says america was not started by protesters and the other person says you are aware of the boston tea party

    10. On Rome:

    person who asks if the US current situation is comparable to rome and someone responds no rome has good roads

    11. On measuring:

    12. On guns:

    person who argues about gun control with someone with panama

    13. On cars:

    person says american is the reason we have cars but it's actually germany

    14. This weatherperson:

    person who asks who even uses celsius and someone responds with a huge map of everyone who does

    15. On doctors:

    person who doesn't think other countries can choose their doctors

    16. On the grand old flag:

    person who says if you like bernie go to canada and they use the flag of liberia

    17. On taxes:

    person who doesn't know how taxes work

    18. On Texas:

    person who thinks central texas is the southern hemisphere

    19. On water:

    person who wants to stunt on europeans for getting free water:

    20. On the 4th of July:

    person who asks if britiish people celebrate the fourth of july

    21. On toilets:

    person who doesn't think other countries have central plumbing

    22. On fridges:

    person who asks if they have fridges in the uk

    23. On HIPAA:

    american complaining that somone doesn't know about hippa and they rrespond that theyre not from tthe usa

    24. On countries:

    person who thinks europe is a country

    25. On this country:

    person who says every american should be abvle to do anyhing they want

    26. On the drinking age:

    post about the absurdity of being able to go into debt at age 18 but not drink
    Yik Yak

    27. On protocols:

    american arguing against masks

    28. On TVs:

    person who asks if people in england have TVs

    29. On Canada:

    person who tries to roast canada and gets roasted in return

    30. On Celsius:

    person arguing against Celsius

    31. On time:

    Tumblr post about someone getting mad about military time and a person replies that Americans can't count past 12

    32. And on those little differences:

    tumblr post outlining the difference in the uk and usa measurement systems