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    15 People Who Need To Be Banned From The Gym For Life

    You got to draw the line somewhere.

    1. If you leave the gym looking like this, you're the worst.

    2. It's really not hard to put your weights back.

    3. Not hard at all.

    4. Like, come on.

    5. Do you really need that many weights?

    6. Ridiculous.

    7. Just truly infuriating.

    8. You know they didn't put a single one of those back.

    9. Or, if they did, put them back like this.

    10. Like, c'mon.

    11. Save some weights for the rest of us, bud.

    12. Smh.

    13. Please stay away from the gym.

    14. Very, very far away.

    15. People, PLEASE — rerack your weights.