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27 Reasons Being Skinny Is Totally Overrated

Good news: You never need to leave your couch again.

1. Because why would you want to live in a world without a fry paradise?

2. Or live in a world where you can't bathe in pizzas?

3. Or live in world where you can't take a bath in Doritos?

4. Why be skinny when Oreo cereal exists?

5. And the "Sprayatcha," too?

6. Why be skinny in a world where you can make cookie bowls?

7. Or open a freezer full of freeze pops?

8. Or figure out the answer to the eternal question?

9. Why be skinny when there are bacon fries to eat?

10. Or pizza fries to eat?

11. Why be skinny when you can always get some Ight Donuts:

12. Or eat a place that makes you react like this?

13. Why would you deprive yourself of giant bags of Cheetos?

14. Or giant bags of Lucky Charms marshmallows?

15. Or pizzas bigger than a small child?

16. Why would you want to wake up in a world without pizza-tacos?

17. Or pizza cones?

18. Why would you never want to make this face again?

19. Or have the chance to conquer the 100-nugget challenge?

20. What's the point of living if you can't fill up your shopping cart with Nutella?

21. Or cook breakfast in class?

22. Or dessert on your dashboard?

23. Why would you deny yourself a cinnamon-roll waffle, covered in icing?

24. Why would you not let yourself show your support of your favorite candy, loud and proud?

25. Why would you want to wake up in a world without a cheesy poof buffet?

26. Or without a cupcake like this?