21 Reasons Why Animals Are The Bigggest Jerks On The Planet

The “D” in “d-bag” actually stands for dog.

1. Because they’re always doing stuff like this:

2. And they’re always ruining your time at the zoo:

3. They think your head is a perfect fit for their butts:

4. And if they can’t have a seat, they think NOBODY CAN:

5. They have no respect for their fellow seals:

6. And they’re always trying to get other animals in fights:

7. They think they’re soooooo scary:

8. And they act like they own all your shampoo products:

9. They constantly steal:

10. And they’re always leaving the fridge door open:

11. They cheat at staring contests:

12. Their favorite past-time is knocking people over:

Like, nothing puts a smile on an animal’s face faster than knocking down a person:

13. Actually, their favorite past-time might be knocking things down on people:

14. Or just hitting people in the crotch with shovels:

15. They hate fun:

16. They’ll trap you inside a box:

17. They’re super stingy with money:

18. They’re chauvinist pigs:

19. They never want to kiss:

20. I mean, if you even TRY to kiss them they’ll pull out the karate moves:

21. FINALLY, they’re always so cute that you can never get any work done. Ever:

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