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35 Reasons Why Aaron Paul Should Be Your Favorite Actor On Television

Seriously, this dude is the greatest.

Before we get started, here's a picture of Aaron Paul with a giant turtoise:

I mean, just look at how starstruck this tortoise is:

Now, did that get your attention?

Then let's get back to work.

Not yet? Here, have some awards:

Great. Now moving onto to why he's the greatest...

1. Because he could have played any role on "Breaking Bad." Even Jane:

2. Or Hank:

3. Or Walt:

4. Or a giant chicken:

5. It's just science.

Not convinced yet?

6. Well, he's great with children:

7. Even if that child is trying to replace his business partner:

8. He's a man who has realized his actions have consequences:

9. And always appreciates a good "Arrested Development" joke:

10. He appreciates the finer things in life, like cat puzzles:

11. Magnets:

12. And food:


14. Like, he really likes food:


16. Did I mention he likes food?


18. But not all food:

19. In fact, the new season of "Breaking Bad" is going to have Jesse distributing blue meth on donuts:

20. He knows how to have a good time:

21. And if it's your birthday, he'll tell you how to have a good time:

22. He once touched Bob Barker:

23. Shaved Bryan Cranston:

24. And still found time to save a baby bird:

Seriously? Not convinced yet?

25. It's time to get pull out the big guns. No one cries like Aaron Paul. NO ONE.







32. Sorry, that was intense. Here's Aaron playing with a baby lamb:

33. And here he is eating corn pops:

34. And winning the US Open:

35. Still don't believe me? I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of this EMMY:

In conclusion: