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23 Extremely Random Things Pretty Much Everyone Did As A Kid For No Reason

They just...happened.

1. Drew long hair exactly like this:

2. Tried to DEFEAT science:

3. Checked for demons not once...

4. But twice:

5. Felt crunch depression:

6. Pretended to have Pool Powers:

7. Drew the sun in the corner exactly like this:

8. And drew birds under it exactly like this:

9. Took tons of bottle cap shots:

10. Turned grocery shopping into a new Fast and Furious spinoff:

11. Pulled as many coupons as they could get their hands on:

12. Ran their finger along the wall while walking down the hallway:

13. Tried to push 'em all down:

14. Pretended they were high society:

15. Had epic battles with a stack of markers:

16. Hugged the wrong mom:

17. Broke the land speed record sprinting up the stairs:

18. Unraveled every cheap pencil in sight:

19. Thought a seed was going to be the end:

20. Gave themselves a pin piercing:

21. Stabbed the life out of every eraser:

22. Ate macaroni like a cultured human:

23. And fell for this exact joke: