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    28 Questions The World Desperately Needs Every Single Baby Boomer To Answer like this...?

    1. What's with the ellipses?

    Why do old people love typing like this........

    2. Like, c'mon:

    why .. do ..... boomers.. type....... this....... . . .. .?? ..

    3. Why do you care so much about holes?

    baby boomers r always like “did u put those holes in ur jeans urself” iDK SUSAN DID U PUT THE HOLE IN THE OZONE THERE YOURSELF?

    4. What's with using voice to text for every single thing?

    why are baby boomers unhealthily obsessed with using voice command

    5. Do you know no one likes voicemails?

    Why are older people so obsessed with telling you what time it is when they leave you voicemails?

    6. What's with the iPad vids?

    yo why do old people LOVE taking videos on their iPad??

    7. What's with the whole Minions thing?

    Why do Boomers think Minions are the funniest thing on the planet?

    8. Why are you yelling?

    why does every baby boomer have to fucking yell into the phone like it’s some cans attached to a string

    9. Why does every single thing need to be printed?

    Boomers love to print out 10 pages of shit that could just be on their phone

    10. Can you turn off the clicking?

    Why does everyone over the age of 50 feels it's necessary to have the keyboard clicking noise on loud all the time?

    11. Why do you sound like a robot on Facebook?

    Why does everyone over the age of 50 comment on Facebook photos like they’re a cyborg “Wow what a great view of the Chicago river!”

    12. Can you not scream?

    Why do boomers scream when they yawn

    13. Why is this your go-to?

    boomers love saying “well how did we do?” after shopping anywhere for anything

    14. Why the obsession with booths?

    Why do old people love sitting at booths at restaurants?

    15. Why do ya always gotta zoom?

    Why are older people obsessed with zooming in when you show them a picture on your phone 🤔

    16. Why all the screenshots?

    Why do boomers take screenshots of their photo in their photo album and then post them??

    17. Do you really think anyone cares about those three channels?

    old people love to talk about how there were only 3 channels

    18. Again, why text like this?

    19. Why do these numbers matter?

    Why do old people love talking about how many trick or treaters they get every year

    20. Why can't you shit and let shit?

    Why do boomers have full blown conversations in the bathroom? I'm trying to shit in peace.

    21. Why do the lights always have to be on?

    why are old people obsessed with making you have lights on in the room you’re in like let me sit in solemn

    22. Why the huge hang-up with cursive?

    Why are boomers obsessed with having kids learn cursive?

    23. Do you really need that strong a flashlight?

    Why do boomers crave incredibly and unnecessarily powerful flashlights

    24. Why do you pronounce it that way?

    Why do boomers say ‘Marihuana’ like a Texas State Trooper

    25. Do you really need a titanium-enforced iPhone case?

    Why do all people over the age of 40 have that phone case that opens like a book

    26. Why can't it just be a stranger?

    Why does every baby boomer ask me "who's that" when I show them a photo or video from the internet

    27. What's with all the animals?

    Why does every Boomer at one point have an animal as their Facebook profile pic?

    28. Why are you so obsessed with being old?

    Why are old people so obsessed with being old? Like “oh you guys are probably too young to know what this is” Bitch I’ve seen a cassette tape. I’m not 10.