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25 Things That Ruined Your Day 15 Years Ago That Literally No One Cares About Now

Rough mid-2000s stuff.

Back in the mid-2000s, there was nothing worse than...

1. That tear in your Livestrong getting bigger and bigger:

2. Going to listen to music on your iPod and seeing this symbol:

3. Getting demoted in a Top 8 betrayal:

4. Running out of minutes and having to wait 'til after 9 like a BARBARIAN.

5. Listening to your CD player and trying to stay cool while it kept skipping.

6. And taking the CD out and seeing this:

7. Waiting days for your disposable camera's pictures to develop, only to find out your thumb ruined 95% of them:

8. Starting a download and seeing a wait time like this:

9. Only to have it all be in vain:

10. Downloading a song for six hours only to be betrayed by LimeWire.

11. Your ringtone recording being sabotaged.

12. Hobbling yourself with a scooter slam to the ankle.

13. Loading up your Netflix queue and seeing the movie you REALLY want is going to take weeks to arrive.

14. Getting, like, 400 Farmville requests each day:

15. Accidentally clicking the wrong button and thinking you bankrupted your family:

16. Burning a CD and seeing the worst two words in the English language:

17. Spending hours putting in album art just to have none of it save.

18. Hearing the OTHER worst five words in the English language:

19. Being in the middle of an excellent Flash game or YouTube video and having this happen:

20. Taking one bad step and ending up with sopping wet Uggs.

21. Turning on TV Guide and missing the ONE channel you wanted to see.

22. Losing a part of your super-cool awesome pen.

23. Seeing this heinous sight on your Xbox:

24. Misspelling a word on your totally cool, totally unique Converse.

25. And your mom reading the message that was for YOUR EYES ONLY.