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    28 Cheap Plastic Pieces Of Crap That Were Basically Your Entire Childhood

    I can smell them now.

    1. These pop-up things no one actually knows the name of:

    2. Your first wallet:

    3. Finger monsters:

    4. And this essential Halloween accessory:

    5. Those plastic jump ropes that usually only existed to cause you pain:

    6. The most fragile items known to humanity:

    7. These toe destroyers:

    8. Tricolor pens:

    9. And the finest pens known to humanity:

    10. The best tool for a hot summer day:

    11. Those color-changing spoons:

    12. The ULTIMATE ruler:

    13. The pinnacle of see-through technology:

    14. Jelly bands:

    15. Stamp markers:

    16. Shoes that would fog up in 0.2 seconds:

    17. That infinite jar of doll cherries:

    18. Them orange tapes:

    19. All these classics inside their cheap plastic shell:

    20. Click-clacks, or whatever these were called:

    21. The alpha and the omega of cups:

    22. THOSE bowls:

    23. That magical, magical bottle:

    24. Your first pet Tamagotchi:

    25. The tightest knot you'll ever tie:

    26. The canvas for your masterpieces:

    27. And, of course, the finest plastic product in history:

    28. That one chair your sweaty legs would always stick to on a hot summer day: