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    Jan 8, 2018

    32 Pictures That Will Remind You Of An Exact Time And Place In Your Life

    You never forget the time and place.

    1. Putting your elbows on the cold, cold surface of these tables in chemistry class:

    2. Peaking over the teacher's shoulder to see if you're failing the class:

    3. Opening up a fresh can of Play-Doh, smelling that sweet, sweet smell:

    4. Sitting around, bored, staring at this channel because nothing is on TV:

    Tv guide

    5. Watching Nickelodeon and seeing these ads every 5–10 minutes:

    6. Hiding from your mom and thinking you're invisible inside these while shopping:

    7. Opening up a fresh package of watercolor paints, untouched in all their glory. Then putting juuuust a dash of water in:

    8. Walking through the grocery store, pulling down every coupon you could possibly pull down:

    9. Looking through the aisles of the video store trying to find the perfect movie or game, hoping they had it in stock:

    10. Grabbing the newspaper from the recycling bin, tracing the lines with your finger to check to see the movies playing that day:

    11. Driving home during a snowstorm, pretending you and your parents were entering hyperdrive:

    12. Opening up a box or a drawer and getting HIT with the smell of old crayons:

    13. Stabbing your pencil into an eraser out of boredom, all while glancing at the clock every two minutes:

    14. Or sitting in class pretending to shoot up lead:

    Ruined Childhood

    15. Jumping over these seats, all while smelling that distinct "bus seat" smell:

    16. Days spent home taking that pink, chalky medicine while watching The Price is Right:

    17. Running around a wooden playground, trying not to run into a bee nest or get a handful of splinters:

    18. Being halfway done with your homework when THIS happened:

    19. Going over to your grandma's house, trying to sneak more food, and seeing all these fruit magnets on the fridge:

    20. Eating a bowl of sugary cereal out of these every Saturday morning:

    21. Driving down the road imagining a little person running alongside the car, hopping from every pole or from shadow to shadow:

    22. Sitting on the floor directly in front of the TV right when this came up:

    23. Walking into school knowing it was book fair day, and the excitement from looking around trying to find the perfect book:

    24. Walking into the computer lab just knowing you were in for an easy day of school:

    25. Grabbing your brand-new cell phone and spending 15 minutes typing out a sentence using T9:


    26. Running over to the phone to see exactly who was calling and ultimately just ignoring it:

    27. Sitting at home in front of your computer with nothing to do but play this game because the internet went out:


    28. Getting up in the middle of class, walking over to this, and slowly turning it as it made so, so much noise:

    29. Sitting at your computer trying to think of the perfect font and song lyric for your away message, just praying the right person will see it:


    30. Entering "rosebud" over and over and OVER again:

    31. Walking in the library and seeing these stools everywhere:

    32. And lying in your bed at night and looking up at these stars:

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