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27 Pictures Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Think Are Funny

Expecto to laugh-o.

1. This pickup line:

2. Dumbledore's logic:

3. The three types of exam takers:

4. This yearbook photo:

5. This relationship advice:

6. Solid dating advice:

7. This dumb pun:

8. This important text:

9. This yo mama joke:

10. This test answer:

11. The best coffee cup in existence:

12. "Lorde Voldemort":

13. What was REALLY going on:

14. What's going on at Hogwarts now:

15. This advertisement:

16. The important questions being asked:

17. "The Boy Who Lied":

18. Draco's books:

19. This "what if" scenario:

20. This...child:

21. This guy's crazy night:

22. Snape's favorite show:

23. Snape's life advice:

24. This bit of truth:

25. Rubeus layin' down some truth:

26. These ads:

27. And, finally, the true differences between people:

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