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21 Pictures That Are Pretty Much Impossible To Get Through Without Laughing

Good luck!

1. Everyone's favorite topping:

2. The leafy green of choice:

3. The best condiment:

4. A breakfast staple:

5. The perfect place to sit:

6. The best type of cheese:

7. The only broth for hands:

8. A balanced breakfast:

9. The one rule:

10. Delicious nuts:

11. Delicious guts:

12. Eggs prepared the right way:

13. The sale of a century:

14. Body milk:

15. Little bebbies:

16. Apologies:

17. Paper towel royalty:

18. The freshest of fresh:

19. Swampy potaos:

20. The nuggest of all:

21. And the best vegetable around:

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