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The 29 Most Incredibly Petty Moments In All Of Human History

Don't get even — get petty.

1. The dishes moment:

tweet about someone not doing the dishes so their mom serves them spaghetti in a cone

2. The tailgate moment:

tweet about purposely slowing down when someone tailgates

3. The cheating moment:

tweet reading my boyfriend cheated on me so i convinced him to get matching tattoos he went first i went home

4. The fridge moment:

tweet about a man carrying out a fridge from a cheating girlfriend

5. The vacuuming moment:

tweet about a person vacuuming the ceiling to bother their neighbor

6. The recipe moment:

tweet about a grandma leaving out pages of a recipe book on purpose

7. The Netflix moment:

person who skips episodes to mess up someone's netflix

8. The BBQ moment:

tweet of someone eating their roommates leftovers because they ate theirs
Twitter: @tayloranthonyj

"Remember my leftover BBQ beef ribs? I do."

9. The argument moment:

10. The ice cream machine moment:

ice cream machine war between two signs

11. The homework moment:

person named ethan telling everyone to set an alarm

12. The crosswalk moment:

tweet about someone doing jumping jacks ini the crosswalk to slow things down

13. The green light moment:

tumblr post about someone purposely waiting at a green light

14. The doctor moment:

tweet about a kid pointing at a doctor's clock because they made them late

15. The Venmo moment:

tweet about a drunk guy being creepy so someone took their phone and venmo's themselves

16. The Wiki moment:

tweet about editing wikipedia to win an argument

17. The receipts moment:

tumblr post about making a binder to prove someone was cheating

18. The fingerprints moment:

tumblr post about a mom calling to cops to run fingerprints to find out who ruined a window

19. The coffee moment:

twitter post about a person buying the domain of the website of a company invented next to him

20. The quitting moment:

21. The spicy moment:

22. The tablet moment:

23. The dandelion moment:

24. The chalk moment:

25. The ex moment:

26. The roommate moment:

27. The schedule moment:


28. The Bible moment:

29. And the burglary moment:

Twitter: @jammmieeee__

No coming back from that.

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