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50 People Who Definitely Regretted Every Single Decision They Made This Year

It's all relative.

1. This poor, poor soul:

upside down mug

2. This laundry doer:

person who washed a dirty diaper / Via u/couldntdecidemyname

3. The creator of the smoothie of mass destruction:

juicer that exploded and stuck into the ceiling

4. This adventurous chef:

person mixing up vanilla extract and soy sauce while cooking rice

5. These poor, painty souls:

pant that spilled in the back of a car

6. This homeowner:

shattered shower

7. The proud owner of the world's first staircase/litterbox combo:

cat litter spilled all over a staircase

8. This person who might have a slight problem here:

bike bent in half

9. This person who will not be eating cake tonight:

person who did not let their cake cook long enough and so it spilled everywhere

10. The person with a computer that is now part soup:

soup spilled on a computer

11. This person whose car now has just a tiny scratch:

destroyed car at the mechanic

12. This brilliant contractor:

drain too high so it does nothing

13. This person who just learned a lesson they will never forget:

snow covering a living room / Via u/kajakan

14. This person about to have a very hairy soda:

locks in a coca cola

15. This paint drinker:

person who had two cups one coffee one for painting and they drank the paint / Via u/pm-me-fun-facts

16. The person who turned money into confetti:

shredded money from a lawnmower

17. The person who realized how important reading is:

person who bought paperclips instead of staples

18. The proud owner of a brand-new, unique vehicle design:

kids who ruined a car with rocks

19. The person about to have a very white kitchen:

flour upside down

20. This poor, poor soul:

human imprint in cement

21. Ol' cheesy laundry:

person who washed a block of cheese

22. This professional mover:

picture of a couch stuck in a doorway

23. The inventor of a brand-new bird poop latte:

a coffee cup a bird shit into / Via u/rilescrane

24. This dude:

guy who connected to bluetooth and played porn for the whole family

25. This person about to have a nice plastic-y dinner:

melted baking sheet inside an oven

26. Ol' ripped pants:

rip in pants

27. These people who found out that rain plus freshly cut grass do not mix:

car covered in wet grass

28. The creator of this......Easter......cake:

cake that looks suggestive

29. This person who is about to have a very difficult lunch:

person who brought kitty litter to work instead of their lunch

30. This lock destroyer:

person who broke off a lock / Via u/alec7717

31. This person who found some buried treasure:

person who found watch in the snow

32. The person who learned a lifelong lesson the hard way:

person who baked cookies in a crop top and got hurt

33. Ol' Moldy:

person who ate moldy green bread

34. The person with a brand-new penny tattoo:

person who got branded by a penny

35. The person who never said "When":

a ton of peppercorns spilled in a frying pan / Via u/scoobdrew

36. This person in head-to-toe makeup:

person who had makeup splash all over them

37. The person who added a brand-new ingredient to their makeup:

38. This cookie-wanter:

person who ate a coaster

39. This partier:

person who broke a cork screw

40. This person who learned about parking next to a storm drain the hard way:

keys down a sewer grate

41. These home/golf ball owners:

golf ball that went through a window

42. This person eating some nice ice-cold cereal:

person eating frozen milk and cereal

43. This ATM goer:

money stuck in an atm

44. The person who experienced this movie theater tragedy:

45. This person about to eat baked board:

person who cooked a cutting board

46. This brilliant mechanic:

facebook post reading anyone know how to get a seized lugnut off with a destroyed tire

47. The proud owner of several holes in the wall:

many holes in a wall looking for a stud

48. This poor, poor soul:

tweet reading my housemate left he owes me 200k and he took the shower head

49. This person who found out how heavy microwaves are:

microwave above a place where it obviously fell


50. And this chocolate lover:

person who ate wax they thought was chocolate

Oh no.

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