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22 Pictures That Are Too Real If You Have An Overactive Brain That You Can Literally Never, Ever Turn Off

My bad.

Overthinking: it happens all the time in the most mundane situations.

1. While having a simple conversation:

2. In class:

3. In bed:

4. At 3 AM:

5. At the store:

6. Literally just texting:

7. After buying something:

8. After feeling any sort of physical sensation:

9. While literally just walking:

10. While grocery shopping:

11. While just sitting doing absolutely nothing:

12. Before going on a trip:

13. While on your phone:

14. When literally just havin' a bodily function:

15. When playing games:

16. While leaving a store:

17. Over the years:

If I was accidentally weird to you once just know I will be thinking about it every night for the next 50 years

18. While trying to answer a question:

19. As a kid:

20. After getting a call:

21. When anybody is watching:

22. And, you know what, just pretty much any time: