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    21 Things Pretty Much Everyone Did One Last Time Without Even Knowing It

    What was the last CD you burned?

    Without even realizing it, you...

    1. Burned one last CD:

    2. Browsed the selection at Blockbuster to get one last movie:

    3. Looked up movie times in the paper one last time:

    4. Took one last digital camera picture:

    5. Logged onto AIM one last time:

    6. Unfolded the lyrics to your favorite CD one last time:

    7. Printed out directions one last time:

    8. Downloaded one last song:

    9. Used T9 to text one last time:

    10. Waited and waited to see if school was cancelled one last time:

    11. Sprinted back to the couch one last time:

    12. Cleaned your balls one last time:

    13. Put new batteries in your CD player one final time:

    14. Checked in on your Sim family one last time:


    15. Hung out at this spot for the last time:

    16. Watched an orange VHS tape one last time:

    17. Wrote your name in a textbook one last time:

    18. Walked into the Scholastic Book Fair one last time:

    19. Ate that glorious school lunch pizza one last time:

    20. Rewinded one last tape:

    21. And played outside one last time:

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