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24 Times Old People Were Hilarious And Pure On The Internet In 2018

Everyone should be 80 years old on the internet.

1. Mom's newest purchase:

2. This absolutely delicious roast:

3. This absolutely necessary Google search:

4. True thankfulness:

5. Grandma's sweet words:

6. Alison's quest for meaning:

7. This heartfelt answer:

8. Joan's quest for bread:

9. Geraldine's message of acceptance:

10. True old person anger:

11. Debbie's very effective marketing campaign:

12. This person's homemade emojis:

13. Dad's loving words:

14. Lora's blessing:

15. Susan's BIG issue:

16. This beautiful, awe-inspiring status update:

17. The birth of a new plant:

18. Thoughts and prayers for Stephen:

19. This very thoughtful five star review:

20. Pam's tough, but fair review:

21. Tom's typing time:

22. This loving message:

23. Sue's shock:

24. Grandma's sweet goodnights: