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    33 Things Literally Everyone Thought Were Completely Normal When They Were In High School That Definitely Weren't


    In high school, nothing was more normal than...

    1. Running a mile and IMMEDIATELY going to math class:

    now that i think about it high schools really had us SWEATING BALLS in gym class and sent us straight to english or math no shower no nothing

    Twitter: @mohammedboomin

    2. The competition to say how sleep-deprived you were:

    why did ppl brag abt getting 2 hours of sleep per night in high school. like bitch ur 16 and ur dying that isn’t a flex

    Twitter: @ayeshachair

    3. Munching on cough drops like your life depended on it:

    Remember how we were so bored in high school we used to just eat cough drops

    Twitter: @keola_paredes

    4. Asking permission for a bodily function:

    Why did we have to ask permission to use the bathroom in high school? Why did some teachers actually say no? Ok piss police

    Twitter: @glelionel

    5. The start time:

    I can’t believe school used to start before 9am and I actually WENT

    Twitter: @sultyyyy

    6. The intense allegiance to whatever foreign language you learned:

    why did kids who picked French as their language in high school make it their entire personality

    Twitter: @16scrawford

    7. Those kids who would SCREAM every single time the lights dimmed:

    Why did people scream in high schools when the lights would get turned off in the classroom😭

    Twitter: @China_Anderson

    8. Everyone wheeling around literal luggage in the hallways:

    why did kids have rolling backpacks in high school? like why are they dragging around a suitcase

    Twitter: @mbaskinn

    9. Thirty percent of the girls in the school having a knee brace at one point:

    I wonder how the girls who wore a knee brace over their jeans in high school are doing.

    Twitter: @Chelsey_FH15

    10. Watching some incredibly depressing movie and then immediately going to play badminton or something:

    They really had us all in the auditorium watching Schindler's List at 8 am in high school then were like enjoy the rest of the day

    Twitter: @JFrankensteiner

    11. DARE telling you everyone would be rolling at the Sweet 16s you were going to:

    The DARE program really had us believing there were gonna be people offering us crack at high school parties

    Twitter: @sourpow99

    12. That one kid who always wore shorts, no matter the weather:

    Everyone else in school: "Yo it's so cold outside, I'm freezing." That one kid:

    Twitter: @mihsuFPS

    13. Theater kids being OUT OF CONTROL first thing in the morning:

    I’m sick of coffee I want whatever theater kids consumed that made them act like that at 8am

    Twitter: @lukasbattle

    14. Eating hamburgers and milk at 11:30 a.m....

    Tweet reading, "High school really had us drinking milk with hamburgers at 11:30 a.m."

    15. Eating calzones at the crack of dawn...

    My high-school really had us eating calzones for lunch at 1030 in the morning

    Twitter: @aphished

    16. Eating spicy fried chicken with milk...

    The fact that they really had us drinking milk with chicken sandwiches and shit in high school is baffling.

    Twitter: @temira__

    17. Eating pepperoni pizza with milk...

    High school really had us eating pizza with milk

    Twitter: @jonathan_c1113

    18. And drinking milk with enchiladas:

    High School really had us drinking milk with enchiladas at 11:15 A.M

    Twitter: @Sensei1van

    19. Dudes just straight-up moaning all the time:

    why did high school boys moan excessively during class like pls help me what was that

    Twitter: @mmyrizzzle

    20. Learning how to dance in gym class:

    High school really had us doing mandatory dance units in PE because they considered that a more useful skill than doing our taxes

    Twitter: @the_tru_neutral

    21. Debating incredibly serious topics 20 minutes after you woke up:

    High school really had us debating the death penalty at 7:30 am

    Twitter: @MazGrace1

    22. Fights breaking out juuuust as the sun was rising:

    High school really had us running to the bathroom to watch 2 kids fight over a girl at 8 in the morning

    Twitter: @harveysmustach

    23. Hugging everyone like they were crossing the Atlantic to start a new life in America, never to be seen again:

    why did we hug each other EVERY day in high school. like i really saw these people every fucking day and it was like i had to hug them to greet them every damn day???

    Twitter: @Slayota

    24. The very random things used as passes:

    A hall pass that's literally just a leaf

    25. Lunch speed runs:

    why did they give us 20 minutes to eat in high school??? you know how long it’s taken me to break the habit of scarfing down my food quickly???

    Twitter: @kayadamss99

    26. Spending weeks learning how to balance a checkbook:

    why did high school economics teach me how to balance a checkbook, something ive never had to do

    Twitter: @conbiniko

    27. Teachers going to extreme measures:

    Picture of a calculator glued to a brick

    28. Review Jeopardy getting way out of control:

    Yo people went hard as fuck in high school when we played Jeopardy review games

    Twitter: @Oh_My_Gos

    29. That one girl who was way too into horses:

    Everyone had that one girl in their class who was a little too obsessed with horses. If you don't remember, it was you.

    Twitter: @shellsteen

    30. Fart seats:

    why did people in high school say the person before you farted on the seat if you sat down and the seat was warm--

    Twitter: @Chiroyoyoyoyoyo

    31. Being IMMEDIATELY behind:

    Meme reading, "Math teachers at the first day of school year: We are already behind schedule"

    32. People using a titanic amount of paper towels in the bathroom and just shoving them all over:

    Why did kids in middle and high school use so many damn paper towels in the bathroom

    Twitter: @Yeller_Feller

    33. Having to write the fastest essay of your life:

    High school teachers really had us writing 3 page papers in a 50 minute class for WHAT?

    Twitter: @Gaherty56

    And all the vomit:

    Tweet reading, "Remember that phase of grade school when it was pretty common for kids to just randomly throw up in the middle of class"