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    25 Things Non-Americans Absolutely Hate About Americans And 15 Things They Absolutely Love


    Non-Americans hate when Americans...

    1. Refer to Europe like it's a small island:

    Hate when Americans are like “I went to Europe” Where’d you go? fucking Scunthorpe or Madrid?

    Twitter: @selftherapyUK

    2. Measure time by level of schooling:

    i hate when americans measure how long ago something was by saying the grade they were in, girl wtf does 6th grade mean to a scottish man

    Twitter: @kiIIerdom

    3. Call themselves Italian:

    I hate when americans are like “I’m italian”. like no, you’re not. your great great grandparents were italian, and you couldn’t even point to italy on a map

    Twitter: @fredddddyyyyyy

    4. Don't pronounce that big, fat 'H':

    I hate the way Americans don't say the 'h' in 'herbs'. WHAT THE SHIT ARE ERBS?!

    Twitter: @Kellyytoland

    5. Don't use Celsius:

    I hate when Americans are like omg it’s 100 degrees here 😩 like btch that’s the boiling point according to the rest of the world

    Twitter: @ziluthekurd

    6. Think they're the champions of the world:

    I hate it when Americans call their teams world champions... Which world exactly did you compete with and in?

    Twitter: @king_maggick

    7. Name kids after their parents:

    i hate when americans name their sons after their husbands like okay mrs oedipus

    Twitter: @evemmore

    8. Call university the wrong thing:

    Why do Americans call university “school”? It’s not school. It’s university. Stop confusing everyone.

    Twitter: @_Sobieski

    9. Call pasta "noodles":

    Sorry but I HATE that Americans refer to literally any pasta as ‘noodles’

    Twitter: @sineadbrown51

    10. Say "chips":

    still can't believe Americans call crisps "chips" it sounds so silly

    Twitter: @Confusion_ow

    11. Call themselves a "senior":

    i HATE when americans say stuff like “when i was a senior” NO UNLESS YOURE NOT 80 YOURE NOT A FUCKING SENIOR IDC IT SOUNDS SO STUPID

    Twitter: @caprisunrry

    12. Celebrate Halloween for like two months before Halloween:

    Why do Americans celebrate Halloween before the 31st? This shit is too confusing for me

    Twitter: @perplederple

    13. Forget about time zones:

    i hate when americans say “why would anyone be awake this late” 😐 other time zones exist 😐

    Twitter: @brokenstar01

    14. Call foods the wrong thing:

    hate seeing americans call a chicken burger a chicken sandwich shut up

    Twitter: @inztantcrush

    15. Say "pasta" like this:

    i hate how americans say pasta. what is a "pawsta" 😡 goodnight

    Twitter: @BUGGYPOPS

    16. Name their kids after boring things:

    Why do americans do stupid shit like name their kids after days of the week

    Twitter: @Arwel_TB

    17. Pronounce "caramel" wrong:

    Why do Americans remove the second "A" from "caramel" when pronouncing it?

    Twitter: @Taz__Roberts

    18. Call chocolate a type of candy:

    i hate that americans call chocolate bars “candy bars” 💀

    Twitter: @reemksr

    19. Fail to properly abbreviate mathematics:

    Why do Americans say math? The word is mathematics,so shortened its maths.yes?

    Twitter: @johnrawes

    20. Acknowledge the existence of the state of Maryland:

    hate it when americans talk about maryland as if it’s a state, like shut up that’s a cookie

    Twitter: @hals_comet

    21. Say the entire name of a place:

    I hate it when Americans say “Paris, France” We know it’s in France, Travis. No one takes a romantic city break to Texas.

    Twitter: @Pauline_Quirke

    22. Get way too excited:

    i hate it when americans say “let’s gooooo!!” let’s go where? where you going?

    Twitter: @WeaponisedD

    23. Call it "soccer":

    i hate it when americans say soccer no mf it’s football

    Twitter: @angelisswift

    24. Say they're from a state instead of just saying the USA:

    hate it when americans tell me 'im from (state name)!' just tell me youre american and be done with it

    Twitter: @dougbug15

    25. Pronounce the letter Z incorrectly:

    One thing I hate is when Americans pronounce “Zed” as “Zee”

    Twitter: @adamthekween


    26. Use incredibly American units of measure:

    My favorite thing about americans is how often “football fields” is used as a unit of measurement

    Twitter: @AHappyLilGhost

    27. Live the picnic dream:

    I love how Americans make a salad in which the primary ingredient is pasta as a regular picnic side dish

    Twitter: @ElenyaRiver

    28. Swear to their heart's content:

    I love how Americans will interrupt a word to swear. I guaran-gahdamn-tee it. They'll even interrupt a swear word to swear god-mf-damnit

    Twitter: @oh__marion

    29. Create flavors that are incomprehensible:

    I love how Americans think 'birthday cake' is a flavour

    Twitter: @Xorny

    30. Put chips inside other foods:

    I love how americans literally put crunched chips in their food Like Damn

    Twitter: @asbestbau

    31. Talk about the weather:

    my favorite thing about americans is how much they genuinely enjoy discussing the weather

    Twitter: @amanachos

    32. Call it "horseback riding":

    Random – I love how Americans say horseback riding, as if we would expect to ride any other part of the horse.

    Twitter: @CollinsMandy

    33. Pronounce nuts funny:

    My favorite thing about Americans is how they pronounce pecan, the rest of us are just like pee-can and y'all are there making bird noises.

    Twitter: @taylorsdarkhair

    34. Say "QUESTION!":

    One of my favorite thing about Americans is that they‘ll often say Question! before asking the question. Like spanish ¿ but actually spoken out.

    Twitter: @Lisa_Schmechel

    35. Completely ignore greetings:

    i love how americans greet each other by saying how u doing and not answering back

    Twitter: @vouspouvez

    36. Say words funny:

    I love how americans say asphalt… ass vault

    Twitter: @LAPlNCADBURY

    37. Say "Tuesday":

    I love how americans say tuesday. toosday . toosday .

    Twitter: @R0CKETDUO

    38. Get super specific about airports:

    genuinely one of my favorite thing about americans is they don’t say “the airport” they call it by its name. so my brain is full of random american airport names

    Twitter: @miercolesgbr

    39. Share their hatred of line cutters:

    my favorite thing about Americans is their extreme disgust for line cutters

    Twitter: @CLINT

    40. And make up little weird sayings:

    Twitter: @ShadeofScarlett

    And a whoopty woop to you, too.