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    21 People Who STILL Have Absolutely No Idea What Seasoning Is

    We've been through this, people!!!

    1. That's not what you think it is.

    2. No, I don't think that's going to happen.

    3. That's... that's supposed to be there.

    4. Yeah, it belongs there!

    5. Give it a Google then, my friend.

    6. How do you know what a leaf from a tree tastes like?

    7. Actually, it is.

    8. I have one for you: Go to the grocery store.

    9. That just makes it MORE delicious.

    10. It's actually very normal.

    11. I'll elaborate: Look inside a spice cabinet.

    12. Come on.

    13. Yup!

    14. You better believe it.

    15. It's a leaf... a bay leaf.

    16. Oh brother.

    17. What kinda sidewalks you walking down, my man???????

    18. Since the dawn of time.

    19. That's... that's...

    20. No ya didn't!

    21. Seasoning. That's how.