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23 Tweets People Born After 1999 Will Never Be Able To Understand


1. A sad, sad day in McDonald's:

2. Starbucks horror:

3. Relationship trouble in 7-Eleven:

4. Downloading music like a BARBARIAN:

5. Blood, sweat, tears, and Myspace:

6. 2007 ghosts:

7. The only way to ID:

8. Meeting the youth:

9. Distant memories of mints:

10. The peak of amateur photography:

11. Reminders of your dumb past:

12. The agony and the ecstasy of the "computer room":

13. The perfect mid-2000s music collection:

14. LOL vs lol:

15. Late-night George:

16. Blink predictions:

17. Emo idioms:

18. Spooky Ouija stuff:

19. What a bop truly is:

20. Life back in the day:

21. True accomplishments:

22. Real pain:

23. And, finally, some sage advice:

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