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    The 27 Most Important Lessons Learned From Watching "Pop-Up Video"

    What did you do, Mariah Carey!?!?!

    1. Mariah Carey's nickname:

    2. Jewel is really weird:

    3. And Madonna is Madonna:

    4. Sting's music is apparently very anti-smoking:

    5. This devastating fact:

    6. The origin of the Spice Girls:

    7. Prince is handy with a pair of underwear:

    8. The Rolling Stones could not actually do everything they wanted to:


    Apparently this is illegal?

    9. Kylie Minogue is ignorant:


    (Not really, sorry, Kylie!)

    10. How much "Hollaback" is too much Hollaback:

    11. What the club is REALLY all about:

    12. Ace of Base's "Beautiful Life" was really about oxygen deprivation:


    13. Important knowledge from Marvin Gaye:

    14. Important definitions:


    Especially the one definition Alanis never bothered to figure out:

    16. How R.E.M. make all their music videos:

    17. The horrors of the vikings in the "Take On Me" video:

    18. All about Lisa Loeb's style:

    19. Relationship advice from No Doubt:

    20. The Grateful Dead's first music video was a no-brainer:

    21. Milli Vanilli isn't a Starbucks beverage:

    22. It's possible to recover from a devastating trampoline accident:

    23. I still don't know what rhymes with "Ghostbusters:"

    24. "Come On Eileen" was less about denim and more about armpits:

    25. The Goo Goo Dolls should have never been using a telescope so carelessly:

    26. Or been naming their band so carelessly:

    27. And Mariah Carey might have killed a man:


    RIP Nilsson!

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