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    35 Extremely Random Things I Just Found Out That Completely And Totally Blow My Mind This Month

    Now that's interesting.

    1. A Norwegian prison cell is nicer than my freshman year college dorm room:

    2. Goth ice cream is a thing that exists that you can eat:

    3. The Liberty Bell is a puny little bell:

    4. 3D yearbooks for the blind and visually impaired exist:

    5. Cauliflower can be purple and orange:

    6. In 1936, you could give birth and stay in the hospital for 11 days and only pay $61:

    7. The difference between 7'6" and 5'5" is shocking:

    8. Technology has advanced so far that we now have brownie pans that give you all edge pieces:

    9. You might want to sit down for this one — square ketchup exists:

    10. Sometimes you can find a lil' ol' seashell in your salt grinder.

    11. Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" is pretty dang big:

    12. Horsewalks are a thing:

    13. Eagle nests are (Billy Fuccillo voice) HUUUUUUUUGE:

    Read more about them here.

    And this is how big some eagle's claws can be:

    Read more about them here.

    14. Oranges can have green skin in certain climates. Yet, for some reason, they are not called "greens":

    15. A movie on July 18, 1993 cost $3.50:

    16. The Pacific Ocean, well, it's big:

    17. There is no greater technological achievement than this:

    18. A CVS looks really strange with nothing in it:

    19. Crocs can give ya a mean ol' tan:

    20. Duck ramps are a very real, very exciting thing that exists:

    21. This is what a hole drilled on Mars looks like. I just think it's neat:

    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Univ. of Arizona.

    22. This isn't a big ol' grape. It's the world's largest single-celled organism:

    23. LA County is DENSE:

    24. Homer is old as hell:

    25. There are libraries that tell you just how much money you saved:

    26. This is what a shell-less egg looks like:

    27. And MRI scans of the unborn are absolutely terrifying:

    Sleep tight!

    28. When the sun is directly overhead, everyday objects won't cast a shadow:

    You can read more about the phenomenon here.

    29. You don't have to spend 2 hours threading a needle:

    30. Windmill blades are absolutely gigantic:

    31. The name for Worcestershire sauce in some countries is "salsa inglesa" or "english sauce":

    32. Rolls of toilet paper can be absolutely, astoundingly gigantic:

    33. Gavel pencils exist, and I need one in my life:

    34. Eco-urinals allow you to waste no waste:

    35. And, finally, some Dutch airlines have nice little clog salt shakers:

    Ain't that sweet.