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    28 Things People Under 15 Won't Believe Millennials Had To Suffer Through

    Be thankful, young ones.

    1. Tapping like 17 numbers just to say "hello" through T9:

    2. Going to a designated ROOM to use the computer:

    3. Hot-wiring a TV just to play some dang video games:

    4. Waiting until 9 p.m. to be able to talk on the phone:

    5. Looking through a minuscule little hole to take a picture:

    6. Then waiting like 10 days between taking pictures...

    7. And finding out they all came out like this:

    8. Breaking land speed records so you wouldn't miss two seconds of a show:

    9. Weighing down pockets with like 15 pieces of technology:

    10. Or carrying your entire music collection in a huge-ass, impossible to navigate binders:

    11. Spending hours burning a CD only to see this message:

    12. Being RIPPED off the internet when someone had to use the phone:

    13. Physically, painstakingly rolling down the window:

    14. Printing out directions just to go, like, 20 minutes away:

    15. Grabbing the newspaper out of the trash because you forgot to check the movie times:

    16. Spending days waiting for real life Netflix to "load":

    17. Waiting an entire lifetime for a 10MB file to download:

    18. Waiting and waiting just to see what was on TV:

    19. And then waiting some more:

    20. Going to channel 3 just to watch a movie:

    21. Choosing from 12 and only 12 emojis:

    22. Typing WWW like a BARBARIAN:

    Getty / Via Twitter: @blonde_kars

    23. Writing down everyone's phone numbers on a sheet of paper that was at least 15 years old:


    24. And getting trapped by the phone while trying to make a dang call:

    25. Talking to people, in general:

    26. Delicately trying to get the perfect ringtone:

    27. Hearing that wretched sound:

    28. And, of course, having a phone you didn't need to charge every 15 minutes:

    Twitter: @TrxllStar

    Wait...that's actually good.

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