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    27 Times Millennials And Gen Z'ers Roasted Boomers So Bad It Sent Their Ass Back To The Damn Stone Age

    Now that's the good stuff.

    1. The PDF roast:

    person making fun of boomers for not rotating pdfs

    2. The contract roast:

    someone roasting a boomer about student loans

    3. The plant roast:

    person making fun of a boomer meme about naming plants

    4. The helmet roast:

    a boomer's comment that they're glad they weren't made to wear helmets and a response "Imagine how nice you would've been without all the head injuries"

    5. The savings roast:

    person spelling out to a boomer why it is so hard to save

    6. The Home Ec roast:

    boomer saying kids don't take home ec and someone says i wonder what generation made the curriculum

    7. The responsible roast:

    boomer who says they had iirresponsibility and someone responds like how boomers destroyed the economy

    8. The pricing roast:

    person spelling out why money comparing through decades does not make sense

    9. The number roast:

    boomer getting roasted for saying millennials don't understand phone numbers

    10. The Foxworthy roast:

    person roasting jeff foxworthy for his boring millennial jokes

    11. The babysitting roast:

    boomer saying people should have to work and pay debt and someone says my ancestors suffered and died so i must refuse medicine since it isnt fair to them

    12. The marriage roast:

    article saying millennials don't want marriage and someone responds yea cause you fucked up the economy so bad

    13. The education roast:

    person explaining how its not millennials fault they are uneducated

    14. The co-buying roast:

    person explaining why millennials are co-buying houses

    15. The rock 'n' roll roast:

    boomer tries to talk about sex drugs and rock but someone replies you are the generation that led to stickers on albums

    16. The student loan roast:

    boomer being roasted for saying college is cheap

    17. The scholarship roast:

    millennial pointiing out how much cheaper everything was in 1998

    18. The danger roast:

    boomer saying kids used to be dangerous and someone says did you not jump off a roof with an umbrella

    19. The debt roast:

    newt gingrich being roasted for his take on student loans

    20. The trophy roast:

    millennial pointing out boomers were the ones giving out participation trophies

    21. The standing roast:

    boomer lamenting how today's kids don't stand

    22. The adulting roast:

    article saying millennials have to take adulting classes and someone responds its better than bombarding people with computer questions like you

    23. The cursive roast:

    boomer being roasted for caring about cursive

    24. The hard work roast:

    boomer saying they are against handouts and someone roasts them

    25. The lungs roast:

    boomer thinking a walnut is lungs

    26. The cliché roast:

    someone saying okay boomer to a boomer

    27. And the VCR roast:

    person saying boomers have big i have a vcr energy