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    20 People Who Woke Up And Immediately Regretted Every Decision They Made That Day

    Saints preserve us.

    1. The person who will now have a lifelong vendetta against each and every wasp:

    2. The person who was kind enough to give their car charger a ride:

    3. Ol' OJ Pants:

    4. The person who will not be delivery and deliverables any time soon:

    5. The person who gave a toilet the People's Elbow with their dang rear end:

    6. The person who needs to have a serious talk with their cat:

    7. The person who recalled this whole dang jar into their big ol' craw:

    8. The person who will now have to move their living room to the front door:

    9. The person who got a lil' crunchy treat with their delicious hot chocolate:

    10. The person with the world's first constipated pipe:

    11. The person who made an $1,100 mistake:

    12. The person who got a lil' free protein with their curry:

    13. The person who will never brush in peace again:

    14. The person who will be cleaning up this shake 'til the end of time:

    15. The person who learned the hard way the going price for small, sad jalapeños:

    16. The person who is experiencing the classic COVID to poison ivy pipeline:

    17. The person who now has a bottle of complicated syrup:

    18. The person who will never, ever look at a bird the same way:

    19. The person who was accused of driving while under the influence of Oreos:

    20. And whoever this poor, poor soul may be: