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    20 Things That Made You Extremely Cool In Elementary School That Are Cringeworthy In Retrospect

    And we all did 'em.

    1. Sharpening your pencil into the tiniest possible thing:

    Tiny pencil

    2. Or doing this to a poor, defenseless pencil:

    a pencil with two points

    3. Spreading the legend of 8008L355 on the calculator:

    calculator that reads boobless

    4. Or just making bad words in general:

    calculator that reads hell

    5. Giving yourself a lead "shot" in the middle of class:

    6. Taking a big "huff" of a marker and pretending it got you high:

    Smellable markers

    7. Using a bottle cap to take soda shots:

    8. Rubbing glue all over your hands and peeling it off like that's not a gross thing to do:

    9. Storing your chips in, uh, a chip container?

    chips inside a container

    10. Using seventy five different fonts in your group project:

    a bunch of different wordart fonts

    11. Pretending to smoke when it got cold out:

    12. Piercing your finger with a pin for some reason:

    pin through a fingertip

    13. Stabbing the life force out of your eraser:

    eraser with many pencil holes in it

    14. Pretending you were super hot stuff because you had some crayons with a built in sharpener:

    15. Building big marker swords and having them break and scatter all over class:

    16. Seeing who could crack their back the loudest on a chair like this in the middle of class:

    a blue classroom chair

    17. Making life choices based off an eraser flip:

    eraser that reads yes and no

    18. Pretending you had pencil claws:

    19. Writing all over a shirt you will literally never wear again:

    end of year tshirt

    20. And, of course, drawing this sacred symbol over literally everything:

    that famous S symbol