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22 Looks Justin Timberlake Needs To Bring Back Right Now

So, it looks like Justin Timberlake is making music again. Let's all agree to boycott it if he doesn't bring these looks back IMMEDIATELY.

1. The "Borrowed My Little Sister's Shirt" look:

2. The "Pajamas That Say Your Own Name" look:

3. The "Stole My Mom's Sunglasses" look:

4. The "Totally Ineffective Camouflage Pants" look:

5. The "Human Banana" look:

6. The "Your Creepy Uncle On Vacation In Hawaii" look:

7. The "Magician Whose Clothes Are All Oversized Hand-Me-Downs" look:

8. The "High School Musical Cast Me As A Cab Driver" look:

9. The "Maybe, In Retrospect, The '90s Were Actually Horrible" look:

10. The "New American Flag" look:

11. The "Totally Impractical Leather Vest" look:

12. The "Totally Practical Turtleneck Sweater" look:

13. The "Christian Rainbow" look:

14. The "I'm Pretty Sure You Can't Get The Number 1 1/2 In Professional Basketball" look:

15. The "White Guy Cornrows" look:

16. The "???" look:

17. The "Super Creepy Puppetmaster" look:

18. The "Fell Face-first Into A Pile Of Glitter In A First Grade Classroom" look:

19. The "Turned A Pair Of Old Underwear Into A Do-Rag" look:

20. The "Rejected Spaceman/Puff Daddy Music Video Extra" look:

21. The "Waiter Who Won't Leave You Alone" look:

22. And, finally, the ICONIC "Ramen Noodle Hair" look:

We need you back, Ramen Noodle hair. We need you.