22 Tweets That Show How Different Voting Is In The US Compared To Other Countries

    In what world is waiting in line for nine hours to vote normal?

    1. Voting in the United States: 10 hours and 5 minutes in line just to vote.

    there is something seriously wrong with your #democracy if you need to wait 10 hours in line in order to be able to vote https://t.co/j0usVA8i0q

    2. Voting in the UK: Five-minute wait, max.

    This whole thing of Americans having to queue all day to vote just seems *bananas*. Why make it so hard to vote?! I've voted in UK elections since I was 18 and never had to wait for more than five minutes.

    3. Voting in the United States: waiting in line from the morning until night.

    Just finished voting. I started at 10:04 and just finished at 7:43pm. #earlyvoting #GA #CobbCounty #Vote

    4. Voting in Sweden: Three minutes on a bad day.

    @BrandonTozzo Last election in Sweden, 2018, I had to wait maybe three minutes because there was a senior in a wheelchair in front of me. I literally just popped in to the library to vote before work.

    5. Voting in the United States: Nine hours in line.

    And exactly 9 hours later, I was able to cast my ballot for @JoeBiden, @KamalaHarris , @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock. This was absolutely ridiculous. This should not happen in America 🇺🇸 Henry County, Georgia #Election2020 @GaSecofState @ProjectLincoln @ajc @11AliveNews @CNN

    6. Voting in France: less than a minute in a pandemic.

    @mikewolfson @lehtimaeki In France, even under pandemic, the queue to vote is rarely over 10 people, and I wait less than a minute if I ever have to wait to vote. Plus we vote on Sundays. So no matter how misleading it could look, it's almost impossible to film such a video in France.

    7. Voting in the United States: waiting hours in the pouring rain.

    'UNFAZED': Voters waited in the pouring rain to cast their ballots early on Wednesday in central Florida. https://t.co/yEHj3kINKo

    8. Voting in Canada: Two minutes, give or take.

    @kashanacauley For comparison, here in Canada you wait for perhaps two minutes to vote in any kind of election, federal, provincial or municipal. That’s just a good democracy.

    9. Voting in the United States: Eight-hour waits.

    I waited 8 hours to vote today in Yonkers NY. I'm exhausted and we shouldn't have to wait that long but we've really been waiting 4 years so what's a little more? #VoteBlue #earlyvotingNY #BidenHarris #VoteHimOut2020

    10. Voting in New Zealand: 15 minutes in the middle of a pandemic.

    @Imani_Barbarin @WheelieQueer I live in New Zealand. It took 15 minutes to wait in line to vote and then vote. During a pandemic. I didn't even need to bring ID. I'm so sorry for your broken electoral system and broken government, better is possible.

    11. Voting in the United States: lines stretching several blocks and several hours to vote.

    Early Voting 2020, entrance at Hunter College, 425 East 25th Street (near 1st Avenue), Kips Bay, Manhattan, New York City, 3:25 PM, Saturday, October 24, 2020. People at the front of the line said they waited 4 hours. This is a multiple tweet thread. 1/ #VoteEarlyDay #Vote

    12. Voting in Spain: five to ten minutes in rush hour.

    @RansomDracalis @G0ffThew In Spain is also super easy, they sent you all the ballots by mail and you can vote by mail or go to the poll on the day (which is on Sunday so people don’t need to work or can take an early leave anyway) and you wait maybe 5-10 min if is rush hour. It was never a fuss.

    13. Voting in the United States: people literally passing out in line.

    In #BrowardCounty, #Florida, Elizabeth waited 3.5 hours to cast her ballot. It was raining, and someone passed out in line. This should not be happening, but we won't be deterred. VOTE. 🗳️ #PowerFromTheGroundUp

    14. Voting in Australia: two to three minutes and a free sandwich.

    @hankgreen I live in Australia, so voting is mandatory, but the literal longest I've had to wait to vote is maaaaybe two or three minutes. And then you get a sausage sandwich. And sometimes there are dogs.

    15. Voting in the United States: four-hour line to vote.

    @AOC The line in Co Op City in the Bronx was a thing of beauty. Some people waited as long as 4 hours to vote.

    16. Voting in Germany: two minutes.

    @TheRealHoarse Living in Germany I've never understood this. We can vote early, by mail, and never have to wait longer than 2 minutes at the polling station.

    17. Voting in the United States: nine hours, four minutes, and 45 seconds just to cast a ballot.

    You guys we did it! We persisted, we are voters after 9h 4min 45sec. #georgiavotes #stayinline

    18. Voting in Mexico: three minutes and no lines of more than 10 people.

    @shaun_vids Last election I was a polling attendant in Mexico. Most people took about 3 minutes to vote and at no point did we had a line of more than 10 people (we only had a line early because we started a bit late but that was the only point in the day people had to wait to vote)

    19. Voting in the United States: 3.5 hours to vote.

    My friend sent this picture of the early voting site in Greene County. He waited on line for 3.5 hours to vote.

    20. Voting in Ireland: five minutes, in and out.

    it makes no sense to me how long americans have to wait in line to vote??? in ireland we stroll upto the voting centre, wait 5 minutes and you’re in n out like that. the US is fucked.

    21. Voting in the United States: 2.5 hours in cold, damp weather.

    Waited in the cold damp weather for 2.5 hours but I went out & voted!

    22. Voting in Denmark: no more than 10 minutes of waiting.

    @BarackObama It's not a democracy if you have to wait 11 hrs to vote. I'm from Denmark and I've voted every time I could since I turned 18 some 20 yrs ago. I have never waited more than 10 minutes to vote. I wouldn't vote if I had to wait 11 hrs.