35 Things Baby Boomers Are Completely Obsessed With That Make Literally No Sense To Millennials

    Someone please explain.

    Boomers absolutely love...

    1. The thumbs-up emoji:

    why do boomers love the „👍🏼“ emoji so much

    Twitter: @AnnabellaJonas

    2. And the crying-laughing emoji:

    is there a scientific explanation for why boomers love the crying-laughing emoji so much?

    Twitter: @cnrw8mn

    3. Complaining about younger generations not knowing and using cursive:

    Why are boomers obsessed with younger generations not knowing cursive? You know what, hookup your own TV, Claudia.

    Twitter: @oatmilkliv

    4. Using...a...ton...of...ellipses...

    Twitter: @MakATK

    5. Taking pictures from the worst possible angle:

    Why are boomers so obsessed with taking pictures so damn close to you face? AND with flash. Like girl back up… I am now blind

    Twitter: @ravemomcon

    6. Zooming in on every single picture:

    Why are older people obsessed with zooming in when you show them a picture on your phone 🤔

    7. Leaving voicemails no matter the situation:

    Why are older people so obsessed with telling you what time it is when they leave you voicemails?

    Twitter: @speakingsarcasm

    8. Drinking from the hose and talking about drinking from the hose:

    Why are baby boomers so obsessed with the fact that they grew up biking without helmets and drinking water from the hose? Always drinking water from the hose. I drank from the hose too and I also had a gameboy, debra

    9. Those yellow rascals, the Minions:

    why are all boomers so obsessed with minion memes someone please tell me

    Twitter: @jessikea__

    10. Nautical-themed bathrooms:

    @fernindisguise why are boomers so obsessed with beach/lighthouse/sailboat bathrooms.

    Twitter: @rshllcnsk

    11. Watching the news every waking moment:

    Why do baby boomers love sunday morning political programs and cable news so much? It's like 24 hours a day. I just don't get it.

    Twitter: @SixSecondRide

    12. Talking about what TV used to be like:

    old people love to talk about how there were only 3 channels

    13. "Getting a booth":

    Why do old people love sitting at booths at restaurants?

    14. Posting their Bitmoji all over Facebook, specifically the one with a megaphone:

    boomers on facebook are OBSESSED with posting like this and i love that for them

    Twitter: @bnwhishaw

    15. Old Coke shit:

    why are all conservative boomers obsessed with coca-cola memorabilia

    Twitter: @renamamiyas

    16. Picture challenges:

    Why are boomers so obsessed with the “I bet you won’t share this trend on Facebook”

    Twitter: @madison_nieder

    17. Speakerphone in public:

    boomers put their phone on speaker and think they have to scream at it.

    Twitter: @spleeborg_

    18. Going to the gym in their best denim:

    Why are old people obsessed with exercising in jeans?

    Twitter: @Torgrude45

    19. Mowing lawns at ungodly hours:

    why are boomers obsessed with mowing lawns at 8 in the morning

    Twitter: @stilinskipliers

    20. Mustard:

    Why are old people obsessed with mustard every old person in this restaurant is always askin for mustard

    Twitter: @catherinepio17

    21. Various ailments:

    why the fuck old people only ever talk about their ailments

    22. Talking about the deceased:

    Why do old people always have someone recently dead to talk about "My good friend Jimmy who passed away about 5 minutes ago..."

    23. Providing exact change:

    Old people are obsessed with paying with exact change

    24. Using impossible-to-figure-out remotes:

    Why do baby boomers love really complicated tv remotes

    Twitter: @barahsanks

    25. Turning the lights on:

    why are old people obsessed with making you have lights on in the room you’re in like let me sit in solemn

    26. Certain nuts:

    27. Taking huge-ass videos on their huge-ass devices:

    yo why do old people LOVE taking videos on their iPad??

    Twitter: @PachZowers

    28. Directions and the discussion around them:

    Why are older people SO obsessed with talking about what route/highway you drove?

    29. Banning cellphones at concerts:

    old people are so obsessed with banning phones at concerts, why do they care so much how i enjoy my time

    Twitter: @parisaIina

    30. Talking about how young people enjoy lattes:

    Can someone explain to me why boomers are so obsessed with younger gens buying lattes?

    Twitter: @MrsHoover11

    31. Emailing links for no reason:

    why are old people obsessed with emailing everyone links to articles with no context?

    Twitter: @MeghanHughes

    32. Voice to text:

    Baby Boomers LOVE using the voice text feature and pretending they’re in an episode of Star Trek

    Twitter: @makenamerri

    33. Referring to it as "pot":

    why are old people obsessed with calling weed "pot"

    Twitter: @pyroxiumn

    34. Old, crusty cough drops:

    Why are old people obsessed with cough drops? Now my grandma got my mom eating them like candy wtf

    Twitter: @uhlysser

    35. And pot pie, I guess:

    why are old people obsessed with pot pie.... #ew