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    I Seriously Can't Stop Laughing At These Absolutely Terrible Landlords Who Tried And Failed Miserably To Fix An Apartment

    Some of these honestly need to be seen to be believed.

    1. The landlord who was kind enough to practice their amateur taxidermy on a kitchen counter:

    mosquito sealed in epoxy

    2. The landlord who will never, ever let their tenants find that last piece:

    puzzle piece painted over

    3. The landlord with absolutely no respect for plant life:

    A small mowed garden

    4. The landlord who found the PERFECT match:

    landlord who found a tile that was not close to matching the existing tile

    5. The landlord who put this giant hunk of metal right in their tenant's living room:

    landlord who got a giant machine to replace a small gas fireplace

    6. The landlord who stopped a leak with a contraption Rube Goldberg himself would laud:

    very complicated and ramshackle setup to stop a leak in a ceiling

    7. The landlord who applied MAXIMUM pressure to a deck:

    a landlord destroyed a deck by pressure-washing it, with streaks throughout the surface

    8. The landlord who knows no one will ever notice that particular strip of carpet:

    a carpet with a very obvious part of it sticking out

    9. The landlord whose bathtub is producing something truly sinister:

    dark substance coming up from the drain in a bathtub

    10. The landlord who installed a beautiful decorative vent:

    grill installed over a wall with no actual vent

    11. The landlord who massacred their bathroom with CONCRETE:

    sink with concrete as its base coming apart

    12. The landlord who painted over a lit'ral roach:

    roach painted over with white paint

    13. The landlord whose sink water burns with the intensity of a thousand suns:

    person measuring water temperature that reads 179 degrees

    14. The landlord who painted over ol' Honest Abe:

    penny that has been painted over by a landlord

    15. The landlord who will only allow you to microwave a single morsel of food:

    microwave installed right next to a wall so it cannot open fully

    16. The landlord who fixed a shower curtain by simply installing a big giant rod through a ceiling:

    big giant rod holding up a curtain

    17. The landlord who doesn't believe in none of that "fire safety" nonsense:

    sprinkler that has been painted over

    18. The landlord who put up these beautiful curtains:

    curtain nailed to a wall

    19. The landlord who absolutely slathered paint over a light switch:

    a light switch covered in paint

    20. The landlord who definitely has your safety as their number one priority:

    carbon monoxide detector hasn't had a battery since they moved into the apartment, and the landlord had it "plugged into" two slits they had carved in the wall

    21. The landlord who made sure that this rail will not move till the end of time:

    rail with several nails haphazardly put in

    22. The landlord who put the new cabinet up at juuuuust the right height:

    cabinet put in higher than the other cabinets in the kitchen

    23. The landlord who never wants you to find out what's inside that drawer:

    oven blocking a drawer from opening

    24. The landlord who painted over yet ANOTHER penny:

    penny on a pipe painted over

    25. The landlord who gave a beautiful paint job to some adhesive tape:

    tape on a wall painted over

    26. The landlord who took care of that pesky carpet:

    carpet cut out so a door can open

    27. The landlord who gave a little screw a fresh, new makeover:

    screw on a raised surface that has been painted over by a landlord

    28. The landlord who will not accept a square toilet seat under ANY circumstances:

    circular toilet seat on a square toilet

    29. The landlord who painted over that pesky beautiful marble window:

    white paint over marble on a windowsill

    30. The landlord who painted over a dang breaker:

    breaker painted over

    31. The landlord who solved that fence problem real nice:

    fence put together with zip ties

    32. The landlord who was kind enough to paint the other tenant's home:

    wasp nests painted over