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32 Absolutely Hilarious Comebacks By Complete And Total Strangers That Had Me Dying With Laughter Last Month

Many, many points were made.

1. On baseball:

"It's naptime"

2. On lattes:

Gordon Ramsay looking confused

3. On being remembered:

"Not if I eat the Mona Lisa"

4. On peaking:


5. On pizza:

"Thermonuclear war"

6. On microwaving:

"Ice cream"

7. On measurements:

"This has to be the most fucked unit of measurement ive ever come across"

8. On wine:


9. On boba tea:

"no we absolutely do not"

10. On the english language:

"english is literally written the way it's pronounced besides a few words"

11. On duration:

"Probably 74-80 years"

12. On refreshing beverages:

"alright hold up now"

13. On internet points:


14. On Nirvana:

"there r real teens out there who think discovering nirvana is a special achievement"

15. On names:

"Girl named IKEA had to change her name to stop being picked on at school"

16. On pizza toppings:

"Ground glass"

17. On divorce:


18. On disappearances:

"It would be even worse if all nuts & bolts disappeared overnight"

19. On resemblances:

"He looks like a fleshlight"

20. On video games:

"max payne 2"

21. On danger:

"I'm gonna pronounce it like that now"

22. On questing:

"Holy shit"

23. On things that suck:


24. On degrees:

"Just think of it as having 90 degrees instead of one"

25. On averages:

"an average person has one testicle and one boob."

26. On DJ Khaled:

"dj khaled"

27. On time machines:

"Not impossible, mind."

28. On multiplication:

"Yes, 10 times harder"

29. On Linkin Park:

"But in the end it doesn't even mattress"

30. On electronics:

"This guy thinks there will be water in the future."

31. On ankles:

"Twisting both your ankles."

32. And on President Jimmy Carter:

"Imagine being a Polish citizen and you hear the president say he's here to fuck and he's not leaving"