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25 Times Total Strangers On The Internet Totally, Completely, 100% Nailed Their Response Last Month

No lies detected. Not even a little.

1. The strawberry response:

someone says girls are like strawberries sometimes they are in the grocery store

2. The 10 years response:

someone asking what was okay 10 years ago but not okay now and someone says my lower back

3. The woman response:

someone asks what's the first thing you notice about a woman and someone responds hey that's a woman

4. The driving response:

someone asks what's the worst thing to do while driving and someone says crash and die

5. The haunted response:

someone says you call a pair of haunted breasts entitties

6. The uranium response:

someone asks is uranium edible and someone else says yes once

7. The smell response:

someone says what smells better than it tastes and someone responds a nose

8. The haircut response:

someone asks what do you call men in line for a haircut a barberque

9. The body building response:

10. The shark response:

person says cows kill more people than sharks and someone says i'm surprised cows kill sharks at all

11. The marriage response:

person pointing out that will you mary me has four different meanings depending on comma placement

12. The move response:

someone asks men how do you make the first move and someone responds pawn to b3

13. The red flag response:

someone asks what a green flag is and someone says when all debris is gone from a track

14. The change response:

someone says change does not come from a place of comfort and someone responds i find pennies and nickels in my couch all the time

15. The parchment paper response:

someone says if you want to light your oven on fire use parchment paper

16. The piercing response:

someone asks best place to get a nose piercing and someone responds on the nose

17. The bible response:

someone says jesus couldn't parallel park and someone responds jesus said he drove an accord

18. The rock response:

someone says mount rushmore was supposed to have 5 presidents but only ended up with 4. they forgot to plan a head

19. The witch response:

witch on a broomstick says am i the only one who drives a stick around here and someone says okay broomer

20. The movie response:

someone asks what movie made you leave the theater and someone responds all of them i had to leave

21. The disappearing response:

someone asks what you would do on earth if everyone disappeared for 24 hours and they say disappear

22. The socks response:

someone says good socks don't need shoes and someone says other way round so they say shoes need don't socks good

23. The watery response:

person makes a pun about a dam

24. The dog response:

someone says dog licked baby head and someone asks how is that a shower thought and they say because i thought about it in the shower

25. And the breathing response:

someone says humans are involunatry breathers right and someone responds not anymore