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    25 People Who Definitely Should Not Have Clicked "Post"

    Whoopsie doopsie!

    1. These very rich people:

    meme reading if your social security number was the amount of money you had how rich would you be

    2. This hardcore gamer:

    tweet of someone sending out their free nintendo codes and then getting upset they're gone

    3. The person with the most beautiful credit card out there:

    tweet of someone sharing their credit card

    4. And this other person with a beautiful credit card design:

    tweet of someone posting their new credit card design

    5. This commuter:

    tweet of someone tweeting at the police about legal driving and they get called out on using their phone

    6. This job seeker:

    text message conversation of someone saying who is this and sending a weird meme and it turns out it's a job recruiter

    7. This Bank of America user:

    tweet of someone sending their password to a bank of america twitter account

    8. These mathematicians:

    tweet of people badly messing up a math problem

    9. This very festive Facebook user:

    tweet of someone responding to an automated facebook message about birthdays with mean words and it posts on the person's facebook

    10. These genius minds:

    facebook post of a bunch of people answering what country doesn't have an A in its name wrong

    11. This wish granter:

    snapchats of a man saying ready for double digits again with a 5 degrees filter and then in the next picture it's minus 10

    12. This pasta lover:

    picture of a baby in the womb and someone responds that lasagna looks crisp

    13. This very awkward card-game lover:

    picture of someone thinking a box that says uno is the game when in reality it's the ashes of a dead dog named uno

    14. This baby lover:

    tweet of someone asking what it's called when a baby debuts and the other person answers it's called birth

    15. The Jedi's greatest threat:

    facebook post that says your sith name darth and your named spelled backwards and the guy's name is suna

    16. This job hunter:

    text message convo of someone getting a message out of the blue and saying no this is patrick but it turns out it's a job interview

    17. This immortal:

    reddit post of someone asking how middle ages people knew what skeleton's looked like

    18. Literally everyone who fell for this:

    twitter scam where someone says twitter will censor your credit card number if you post it and it doesn't work

    19. This visionary mind:

    facebook post of someone asking for a service where you can order books and return them to get more

    20. This commenter:

    facebook post of someone asking how fast another's parking ticket was and they say did you just ask how fast i was going on a parking ticket

    21. This potato enthusiast:

    reddit post of someone asking what starch your engines means when they mean start your engines

    22. The person who asked this very dumb question:

    reddit post of someone asking how to communicate with blind people

    23. This sun canceler:

    facebook event of an eclipse where one person asks if it can be rescheduled

    24. This name suggester:

    facebook post asking for male puppy names and a person responds boy or girl

    25. And this pizza lover:

    person of someone complaining that their pizza had no toppings but they just opened it upside down

    Bless this person.

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